Contacting Red Hat Technical Support

Whom should I contact?

Contact Technical Support for all technical questions or issues related to Red Hat products. For all questions related to your account, your subscriptions, or your entitlements, contact Customer Service.

Where can I find out if my issue has been resolved before?

Red Hat's Knowledgebase is a library of solutions Red Hat has generated while supporting our customers. Many of our customers find they can quickly resolve their problems by searching there first.

How do I find out if Red Hat provides support for my issue?

If you are uncertain whether your issue is supported by Red Hat, refer to the relevant Scope of Coverage for your specific support program:

How do I file a support request with Red Hat Technical Support?

You can submit a support case online or contact us by phone.

How quickly will I receive support?

The level of support you receive is determined by your Red Hat Service Level Agreement (SLA). For more information, refer to the relevant SLA.

How do I request an escalation or speak to a manager about my support request?

For management contact details or information on how to escalate a support request, refer to the Red Hat Escalation Process.

What if I can't log into the Customer Portal?

Contact Customer Service for assistance.