Production Support Scope of Coverage

If we ship it, we...


  • Installation
  • Usage
  • Configuration
  • Diagnosis
  • Bug reports (dependent on product life cycle)
  • Bug fixes1
  • Red Hat Extras channel4

Do not support

  • Modified RPMs
  • Third-party software/drivers and uncertified hardware/hypervisors
  • Community projects upon which enterprise releases are based
  • Code development
  • System and network design2
  • Implementation and development of security rules and policies2
  • Red Hat Supplementary / Optional channels34
  • Technology preview features3
  • Packages included to satisfy dependencies or "incidental inclusions" when deployed as standalone items3
  1. Red Hat will support bug fixes for packages included in support of core functionality.
  2. Add-on services are available for these exceptions. Ask your Red Hat sales representative for more information.
  3. Scope of coverage details.
  4. For specific support information regarding individual channels please reference