Ansible Automation Platform Certified and Validated Content

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Beginning with Ansible 2.9, the Ansible Content Collection subsystem was included as fully supported by Red Hat, and the following certified content should be using this packaging format and distributed via Ansible Automation Hub.

Certified content may be downloaded and installed from two different delivery locations:

  • Ansible Automation Hub

    • Ansible 2.9 and newer, contains Collections
  • The legacy Ansible distribution

    • Ansible 2.9 and older, contains Modules only


  • Ansible Automation Hub requires a valid Red Hat Ansible subscription for access.
  • A subset of the certified collections below are developed, tested, built, delivered, and supported by Red Hat. Additional supportability claims for these collections may be provided under the "Maintained and Supported By" column below for more information.
  • For issues that involve both Red Hat and a third party (see the "Maintained and Supported By" column below), when opening a case with Red Hat, a customer may be asked to open a ticket with the third party as well for additional support/collaboration through TSANet. For more information consult the "Collaboration between partners" section of Best practices for engaging with Red Hat Support.
  • For information on supported versions of Ansible, see the AAP Life Cycle.

Certified Content in Ansible Automation Hub

Certified Content maintained by Red Hat

Entity Collection Name Description Maintained and Supported By AAP 1.2 Certified AAP 2.2 Certified AAP 2.3 Certified AAP 2.4 Certified
Amazon Amazon AWS Red Hat Ansible
Ansible ansible.controller Ansible Controller Red Hat Ansible
Ansible ansible.eda Ansible EDA Red Hat Ansible
Ansible ansible.netcommon Ansible Netcommon Red Hat Ansible
Ansible Ansible Network Red Hat Ansible
Ansible ansible.posix Ansible Posix Red Hat Ansible
Ansible ansible.receptor Ansible Receptor Red Hat Ansible
Ansible ansible.scm Ansible SCM Collection Red Hat Ansible
Ansible ansible.snmp Ansible SNMP Red Hat Ansible
Ansible Ansible Security Red Hat Ansible
Ansible ansible.tower Ansible Tower Red Hat Ansible
Ansible ansible.utils Ansible Collection with utilities Red Hat Ansible
Ansible Ansible Windows Red Hat Ansible
Ansible ansible.yang Ansible Yang Red Hat Ansible
Arista arista.eos Arista EOS Red Hat Ansible
Cisco cisco.asa Cisco ASA Red Hat Ansible
Cisco cisco.ios Cisco IOS Red Hat Ansible
Cisco cisco.iosxr Cisco IOS XR Red Hat Ansible
Cisco cisco.nxos Cisco NX-OS Red Hat Ansible
Cloud (Ansible) cloud.common Cloud Content for Ansible Red Hat Ansible
Cloud (Ansible) cloud.terraform Terraform Red Hat Ansible
FRR frr.frr Free Range Routing Red Hat Ansible
IBM ibm.qradar QRadar SIEM Red Hat Ansible
Juniper Networks junipernetworks.junos JunOS Red Hat Ansible
Kubernetes kubernetes.core Kubernetes Collection for Ansible. Red Hat Ansible
Microsoft Microsoft Active Directory Red Hat Ansible
Microsoft microsoft.sql Microsoft SQL Server Mgmt Red Hat Enterprise Linux
OpenvSwitch openvswitch.openvswitch OpenvSwitch Red Hat Ansible
Red Hat redhat.amq_broker (formerly redhat.amq) Apache ActiveMQ Artemis Red Hat Middleware
Red Hat redhat.insights Red Hat Insights Red Hat Insights
Red Hat redhat.insights_eda Red Hat Insights EDA Red Hat Insights
Red Hat redhat.openshift Red Hat OpenShift Red Hat Ansible
Red Hat redhat.data_grid (formerly redhat.jboss_data_grid) Red Hat Data Grid Red Hat Middleware
Red Hat redhat.eap (formerly redhat.jboss_eap) Red Hat EAP (Enterprise Application Platform) Red Hat Middleware
Red Hat redhat.jbcs Red Hat JBCS (JBoss Core Services) Red Hat Middleware
Red Hat redhat.jws Red Hat JWS (JBoss Web Server) Red Hat Middleware
Red Hat redhat.redhat_csp_download Red Hat Customer Portal Artifact Downloader Red Hat Middleware
Red Hat redhat.sso (formerly redhat.rh_sso) Red Hat SSO (Single Sign On) Red Hat Middleware
Red Hat redhat.rhel_idm Red Hat FreeIPA content Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Red Hat redhat.rhel_system_roles RHEL System Roles Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Red Hat redhat.rhv Red Hat Virtualization Red Hat Virtualization
Red Hat redhat.runtimes_common Ansible Middleware Utilities Red Hat Middleware
Red Hat redhat.satellite Red Hat Satellite Red Hat Satellite
Red Hat redhat.satellite_operations Red Hat Satellite Red Hat Satellite
SAP Install redhat.sap_install Red Hat SAP Install Roles Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Splunk Enterprise Security SIEM Red Hat Ansible
TrendMicro trendmicro.deepsec Trend Micro Deep Security Red Hat Ansible
VMware vmware.vmware_rest Manage VMware Infrastructure Red Hat Ansible
VyOS vyos.vyos VyOs Red Hat Ansible

Certified Content maintained by our partners

Entity Collection Name Description Maintained and Supported By AAP 1.2 Certified AAP 2.2 Certified AAP 2.3 Certified AAP 2.4 Certified
Arista arista.cvp CloudVision Platform (CVP) Arista
Arista arista.avd Arista Validated Designs (AVD) Arista
Aruba Networks (HPE) arubanetworks.aoscx AOS-CX Network Aruba Networks (HPE)
Avantra avantra.core Core functions to work with Avantra Avantra
A10 Networks a10.acos_cli Configure ACOS devices over SSH A10 Networks
Check Point check_point.gaia Check Point Ansible Gaia Collection Check Point
Check Point check_point.mgmt Check Point Management Firewall Check Point
Chocolatey chocolatey.chocolatey Chocolatey Chocolatey
Cisco cisco.aci Cisco ACI Cisco
Cisco cisco.dnac Cisco DNA Center Cisco
Cisco cisco.dcnm Cisco NDFC - formerly DCNM Cisco
Cisco cisco.intersight Cisco Intersight Cisco
Cisco cisco.ise Cisco ISE Cisco
Cisco cisco.mso Cisco ACI Multi-Site Orchestrator Cisco
Citrix citrix.adc Citrix ADC modules for Ansible Citrix
Cohesity cohesity.dataprotect Cohesity DataPlatform collections Cohesity
Confluent confluent.platform Confluent Platform services management Confluent
CrowdStrike crowdstrike.falcon CrowdStrike Falcon CrowdStrike
CyberArk cyberark.conjur CyberArk Conjur/DAP toolkit CyberArk
CyberArk cyberark.pas PAS Web Services CyberArk
Delinea delinea.core Ansible collection for Delinea DevOps Secrets Vault Delinea
Delinea Ansible collection for Delinea Secret Server Delinea
DataDog datadog.dd Ansible collection for DataDog Datadog
Dell EMC dellemc.enterprise_sonic Ansible Network Collection for Enterprise SONiC Distribution by Dell Technologies Dell EMC
Dell EMC dellemc.isilon Dell EMC Isilon Dell EMC
Dell EMC dellemc.os6 Ansible Network Collection for Dell EMC SmartFabric OS6 Dell EMC
Dell EMC dellemc.os9 Ansible Network Collection for Dell EMC SmartFabric OS9 Dell EMC
Dell EMC dellemc.os10 Ansible Network Collection for Dell EMC SmartFabric OS10 Dell EMC
Dell EMC dellemc.powerflex Dell EMC PowerFlex Dell EMC
Dell EMC dellemc.powermax Dell EMC PowerMax Dell EMC
Dell EMC dellemc.powerscale Dell EMC PowerScale Dell EMC
Dell EMC dellemc.powerstore Dell EMC PowerStore Dell EMC
Dell EMC dellemc.unity Dell EMC Unity Dell EMC
Dell EMC dellemc.vplex Dell EMC VPLEX Dell EMC
Dell EMC dellemc.openmanage Dell EMC OpenManage Dell EMC
Dynatrace dynatrace.oneagent_deploy Dynatrace Dynatrace
Dynatrace dynatrace.event_driven_ansible Dynatrace EDA Dynatrace
eNFence enfence.powerha_aix IBM PowerHA SystemMirror 7.2.X eNFence
F5 Networks f5networks.f5os F5OS based Collection for Ansible F5 Networks
F5 Networks f5networks.f5_modules BIG-IP, BIG-IQ F5 Networks
F5 Networks f5networks.f5_bigip BIG-IP F5 Networks
Fortinet fortinet.fortianalyzer Fortianalyzer Fortinet
Fortinet fortinet.fortiflexvm FortiFlexVM Fortinet
Fortinet fortinet.fortimanager Fortimanager Fortinet
Fortinet fortinet.fortios FortIOS Firewall Fortinet
Fortinet fortinet.fortiswitch Fortiswitch Ansible Collection Fortinet
Google Google Cloud Platform Google
HPE hpe.ilo HPE Content for iLOs using Redfish APIs HPE
HPE hpe.nimble HPE Nimble Storage Content Collection for Ansible HPE
HPE hpe.oneview Ansible Modules for HPE Oneview SDK HPE
IBM ibm.power_aix AIX on IBM Power Systems IBM
IBM ibm.power_hmc IBM Power Systems HMC IBM
IBM ibm.power_ibmi IBM i on IBM Power Systems IBM
IBM ibm.instana IBM Instana Event Driven Ansible Collection IBM
IBM ibm.isam IBM Security Access Manager Ansible Collection IBM
IBM ibm.power_vios Manage and Deploy Power Systems VIOS. IBM
IBM ibm.spectrum_virtualize IBM Spectrum Virtualize IBM
IBM ibm.storage_virtualize IBM Storage Virtualize IBM
IBM ibm.turbonomic_eda IBM Turbonomic Event Driven Ansible Collection IBM
IBM ibm.ibm_zhmc IBM Z HMC Automation IBM
IBM ibm.ibm_zosmf IBM zOSMF Automation IBM
IBM ibm.ibm_zos_core IBM z/OS Core IBM
IBM ibm.ibm_zos_ims IBM z/OS IMS IBM
IBM ibm.ibm_zos_cics IBM z/OS CICS collection IBM
IBM ibm.ibm_zos_sysauto IBM z/OS System Automation IBM
Infinidat infinidat.infinibox Infinidat collection for Infinibox Infinidat
Infoblox infoblox.nios_modules Infoblox Ansible Collection for vNIOS Infoblox
Inspur inspur.ispim Inspur server management Inspur
Inspur Inspur server supports ansible management device Inspur
Kong kong.kong Kong product management Kong
LogicMonitor logicmonitor.integration LogicMonitor Ansible integration LogicMonitor
Microsoft Azure azure.azcollection Azure Microsoft Azure
MONITORAPP monitorapp.monitorapp_waf Monitorapp WAF Monitorapp
NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS NetApp
NetApp Azure NetApp Files (ANF) NetApp
NetApp netapp.cloudmanager CloudManager NetApp
NetApp netapp.elementsw ElementSW (Solidfire) NetApp
NetApp netapp.ontap ONTAP NetApp
NetApp netapp.um_info NetApp Unified Manager NetApp
New Relic newrelic.newrelic_agents New Relic Ansible Collection New Relic
NGINX nginxinc.nginx_controller NGINX Controller F5 Networks
NGINX nginxinc.nginx_core NGINX Core F5 Networks
Nutanix nutanix.ncp Nutanix Cloud Platform Nutanix
Nvidia nvidia.cumulus_linux_roles NVIDIA Cumulus Linux Roles Nvidia
Nvidia nvidia.nvue NVIDIA NVUE Collection Nvidia
1Password onepassword.connect 1Password Connect Server 1Password
OpenSVC opensvc.cluster OpenSVC Cluster management OpenSVC
Palo Alto Networks paloaltonetworks.panos Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS Palo Alto Networks
PhoenixNAP phoenixnap.bmc phoenixNAP Bare Metal Cloud API PhoenixNAP
Pure Storage purestorage.flasharray FlashArray Pure Storage
Pure Storage purestorage.flashblade FlashBlade Pure Storage
Pure Storage purestorage.fusion Fusion Pure Storage
Pure Storage purestorage.pure1 Pure1 Pure Storage
Radware radware.radware_alteon (formerly radware.alteon) Radware Radware
Rubrik rubrikinc.cdm Cloud Data Management Platform Rubrik
SAP sap.rhel RHEL SAP Roles Red Hat Enterprise Linux
SAP Operations sap.sap_operations SAP Operations SAP
Scale Computing scale_computing.hypercore Hypercore Collection Scale Computing
Seiko seiko.smartcs SmartCS Seiko
Sensu sensu.sensu_go Go XLAB Steampunk
ServiceNow servicenow.itsm ITSM XLAB Steampunk
Styra styra.opa Open Policy Agent Styra
Tirasa tirasa.syncope Apache Syncope Tirasa
Trilio trilio.trilio_kubernetes Trilio Cloud-Native Intelligent Recovery Trilio
Venafi venafi.machine_identity Venafi Collection for Ansible Venafi
Virsec Systems virsec.vsp VSP probe Installation Virsec Systems
VMware vmware.alb Manage VMware AVI Load Balancer VMware AVI
WTI wti.remote WTI WTI
Zabbix zabbix.zabbix Zabbix Ansible Collection Zabbix

Validated Content in Ansible automation hub

During AnsibleFest 2022, we announced the launch of Ansible validated content. This new initiative is focused on delivering an expert-led approach for automating your platform portfolio across infrastructure, networking, cloud, security, and edge use cases.

Ansible validated content is a new set of collections containing pre-built YAML content (such as playbooks or roles) to address the most common automation use cases. You can use Ansible validated content out-of-the-box or as a learning opportunity to develop your skills. It's a trusted starting point to bootstrap your automation: use it, customize it, and learn from it.

Due to the focus on customization and the intent for this content to be modified, it is not subject to the same support requirements as our certified collections. To this end, any issues with this content should be filed directly at the source repository for that collection.

Validated Content Collection Name Description
cloud.aws_ops Roles/playbooks to demo Ansible on AWS
cloud.aws_troubleshooting Ansible roles to help troubleshoot AWS Resources
cloud.azure_ops Ansible roles and playbook to help automate the management of resources on Microsoft Azure.
edge.microshift Management and automation of microshift to build rpm-ostree based images
infra.aap_utilities Roles to install/manage AWX and Ansible Automation Platform
infra.ah_configuration Ansible playbooks to interact with an Ansible Automation Hub or Galaxy NG server
infra.controller_configuration Ansible roles to interact with an AWX or Ansible Controller server
infra.ee_utilities Roles to manage Ansible Execution Environments
infra.leapp Perform RHEL in-place upgrades using the Leapp framework
infra.osbuild Collection for management of osbuild composer to build rpm-ostree
network.base Core for other validated content; provides the platform agnostic role - Resource Manager
network.bgp Manage BGP resources independent of platforms and perform BGP health checks
network.interfaces Manage Interfaces resources independent of platforms and perform INTERFACES health checks
network.ospf Manage OSPF resources independent of platforms and perform SPF health checks
network.vpn Maintain and validate VPN tunnels
security.firewall_mgmt Build, maintain and validate Firewall management and policies

Event Driven Ansible Content in Ansible automation hub

Many of these integrations are in the area of event-source plugins that make it possible for Event-Driven Ansible’s decisioning capability to receive intelligence about a condition in the IT environment that needs a response.

Certified Content

Collection Name Description Maintained and Supported By
ansible.eda This collection contains event source plugins, event filters and example rulebooks to be used with ansible-rulebook. Red Hat Ansible
crowdstrike.falcon This collection contains an event source plugin to receive events from CrowdStrike Falcon Event Stream. Crowdstrike
dynatrace.event_driven_ansible This Event source plugin from Dynatrace captures all problems from your Dynatrace tenant and in conjunction with Ansible EDA rulebooks helps to enable auto-remediation in your environment. Dynatrace
ibm.turbonomic_eda This IBM Turbonomic Ansible Collection provides examples that can be used to automate Turbonomic cloud scaling decisions using Event Driven Ansible (EDA). IBM
ibm.instana The IBM Instana collection provides the ability for Instana event data to be consumed by Event Driven Ansible (EDA). IBM
logicmonitor.integration This collection contains the integrations for receiving alerts and events from LogicMonitor. LogicMonitor
paloaltonetworks.panos This collection contains an event-source plugin to receive messages from a PAN-OS firewall, determine the appropriate response to the event and then execute automated actions to address or remediate. Palo Alto Networks
redhat.insights_eda This collection contains the event source plugin for receiving events out of Red Hat Insights. Red Hat Insights

Validated Content

Collection Name Description
network.telemetry An Ansible Collection for managing telemetry configuration on network devices and integrate with Event-Driven Ansible (EDA).

Certified Content in Legacy All-in-one Ansible Distribution

Arista CloudVision (CVP)
- cv_server_provision - Provision server port by applying or removing template configuration to an Arista CloudVision Portal configlet that is applied to a switch

Cisco ACI
- aci_aaa_user - Manage AAA users (aaa:User)
- aci_aaa_user_certificate - Manage AAA user certificates (aaa:UserCert)
- aci_access_port_to_interface_policy_leaf_profile - Manage Fabric interface policy leaf profile interface selectors (infra:HPortS, infra:RsAccBaseGrp, infra:PortBlk)
- aci_aep - Manage attachable Access Entity Profile (AEP) objects (infra:AttEntityP, infra:ProvAcc)
- aci_aep_to_domain - Bind AEPs to Physical or Virtual Domains (infra:RsDomP)
- aci_ap - Manage top level Application Profile (AP) objects (fv:Ap)
- aci_bd - Manage Bridge Domains (BD) objects (fv:BD)
- aci_bd_subnet - Manage Subnets (fv:Subnet)
- aci_bd_to_l3out - Bind Bridge Domain to L3 Out (fv:RsBDToOut)
- aci_config_rollback - Provides rollback and rollback preview functionality (config:ImportP)
- aci_config_snapshot - Manage Config Snapshots (config:Snapshot, config:ExportP)
- aci_contract - Manage contract resources (vz:BrCP)
- aci_contract_subject - Manage initial Contract Subjects (vz:Subj)
- aci_contract_subject_to_filter - Bind Contract Subjects to Filters (vz:RsSubjFiltAtt)
- aci_domain - Manage physical, virtual, bridged, routed or FC domain profiles (phys:DomP, vmm:DomP, l2ext:DomP, l3ext:DomP, fc:DomP)
- aci_domain_to_encap_pool - Bind Domain to Encap Pools (infra:RsVlanNs)
- aci_domain_to_vlan_pool - Bind Domain to VLAN Pools (infra:RsVlanNs)
- aci_encap_pool - Manage encap pools (fvns:VlanInstP, fvns:VxlanInstP, fvns:VsanInstP)
- aci_encap_pool_range - Manage encap ranges assigned to pools (fvns:EncapBlk, fvns:VsanEncapBlk)
- aci_epg - Manage End Point Groups (EPG) objects (fv:AEPg)
- aci_epg_monitoring_policy - Manage monitoring policies (mon:EPGPol)
- aci_epg_to_contract - Bind EPGs to Contracts (fv:RsCons, fv:RsProv)
- aci_epg_to_domain - Bind EPGs to Domains (fv:RsDomAtt)
- aci_fabric_node - Manage Fabric Node Members (fabric:NodeIdentP)
- aci_filter - Manages top level filter objects (vz:Filter)
- aci_filter_entry - Manage filter entries (vz:Entry)
- aci_firmware_source - Manage firmware image sources (firmware:OSource)
- aci_interface_policy_fc - Manage Fibre Channel interface policies (fc:IfPol)
- aci_interface_policy_l2 - Manage Layer 2 interface policies (l2:IfPol)
- aci_interface_policy_leaf_policy_group - Manage fabric interface policy leaf policy groups (infra:AccBndlGrp, infra:AccPortGrp)
- aci_interface_policy_leaf_profile - Manage fabric interface policy leaf profiles (infra:AccPortP)
- aci_interface_policy_lldp - Manage LLDP interface policies (lldp:IfPol)
- aci_interface_policy_mcp - Manage MCP interface policies (mcp:IfPol)
- aci_interface_policy_port_channel - Manage port channel interface policies (lacp:LagPol)
- aci_interface_policy_port_security - Manage port security (l2:PortSecurityPol)
- aci_interface_selector_to_switch_policy_leaf_profile - Bind interface selector profiles to switch policy leaf profiles (infra:RsAccPortP)
- aci_l3out - Manage Layer 3 Outside (L3Out) objects (l3ext:Out)
- aci_l3out_route_tag_policy - Manage route tag policies (l3ext:RouteTagPol)
- aci_rest - Direct access to the Cisco APIC REST API
- aci_static_binding_to_epg - Bind static paths to EPGs (fv:RsPathAtt)
- aci_switch_leaf_selector - Bind leaf selectors to switch policy leaf profiles (infra:LeafS, infra:NodeBlk, infra:RsAccNodePGrep)
- aci_switch_policy_leaf_profile - Manage switch policy leaf profiles (infra:NodeP)
- aci_switch_policy_vpc_protection_group - Manage switch policy explicit vPC protection groups (fabric:ExplicitGEp, fabric:NodePEp).
- aci_taboo_contract - Manage taboo contracts (vz:BrCP)
- aci_tenant - Manage tenants (fv:Tenant)
- aci_tenant_action_rule_profile - Manage action rule profiles (rtctrl:AttrP)
- aci_tenant_ep_retention_policy - Manage End Point (EP) retention protocol policies (fv:EpRetPol)
- aci_tenant_span_dst_group - Manage SPAN destination groups (span:DestGrp)
- aci_tenant_span_src_group - Manage SPAN source groups (span:SrcGrp)
- aci_tenant_span_src_group_to_dst_group - Bind SPAN source groups to destination groups (span:SpanLbl)
- aci_vlan_pool - Manage VLAN pools (fvns:VlanInstP)
- aci_vlan_pool_encap_block - Manage encap blocks assigned to VLAN pools (fvns:EncapBlk)
- aci_vrf - Manage contexts or VRFs (fv:Ctx)
- aci_interface_policy_ospf - Manage OSPF interface policies (ospf:IfPol)

Cisco NSO
- nso_action - Executes Cisco NSO actions and verifies output.
- nso_config - Manage Cisco NSO configuration and service synchronization.
- nso_query - Query data from Cisco NSO.
- nso_show - Displays data from Cisco NSO.
- nso_verify - Verifies Cisco NSO configuration

Cisco UCS
- ucs_ip_pool - Configures IP address pools on Cisco UCS Manager
- ucs_lan_connectivity - Configures LAN Connectivity Policies on Cisco UCS Manager
- ucs_mac_pool - Configures MAC address pools on Cisco UCS Manager
- ucs_san_connectivity - Configures SAN Connectivity Policies on Cisco UCS Manager
- ucs_vhba_template - Configures vHBA templates on Cisco UCS Manager
- ucs_vlans - Configures VLANs on Cisco UCS Manager
- ucs_vnic_template - Configures vNIC templates on Cisco UCS Manager
- ucs_vsans - Configures VSANs on Cisco UCS Manager
- ucs_wwn_pool - Configures WWNN or WWPN pools on Cisco UCS Manager
- ucs_ntp_server - Configures NTP server on Cisco UCS Manager
- ucs_storage_profile - Configures storage profiles on Cisco UCS Manager
- ucs_timezone - Configures timezone on Cisco UCS Manager
- ucs_uuid_pool - Configures server UUID pools on Cisco UCS Manager

Cyberark AIM
- cyberark_authentication- Module for CyberArk Vault Authentication using PAS Web Services SDK
- cyberark_user- Module for CyberArk User Management using PAS Web Services SDK

F5 Big-IP
- bigip_asm_policy- Manage BIG-IP ASM policies
- bigip_command- Run arbitrary command on F5 devices
- bigip_config- Manage BIG-IP configuration sections
- bigip_configsync_action- Perform different actions related to config-sync
- bigip_data_group- Manage data groups on a BIG-IP
- bigip_device_connectivity- Manages device IP configuration settings for HA on a BIG-IP
- bigip_device_dns- Manage BIG-IP device DNS settings
- bigip_device_group- Manage device groups on a BIG-IP
- bigip_device_group_member- Manages members in a device group
- bigip_device_httpd- Manage HTTPD related settings on BIG-IP
- bigip_device_license- Manage license installation and activation on BIG-IP devices
- bigip_device_ntp- Manage NTP servers on a BIG-IP
- bigip_device_sshd- Manage the SSHD settings of a BIG-IP
- bigip_device_trust- Manage the trust relationships between BIG-IPs
- bigip_facts- Collect facts from F5 BIG-IP devices
- bigip_gtm_datacenter- Manage Datacenter configuration in BIG-IP
- bigip_gtm_facts- Collect facts from F5 BIG-IP GTM devices
- bigip_gtm_global- Manages global GTM settings
- bigip_gtm_monitor_bigip- Manages F5 BIG-IP GTM BIG-IP monitors
- bigip_gtm_monitor_external- Manages external GTM monitors on a BIG-IP
- bigip_gtm_monitor_firepass- Manages F5 BIG-IP GTM FirePass monitors
- bigip_gtm_monitor_http- Manages F5 BIG-IP GTM http monitors
- bigip_gtm_monitor_https- Manages F5 BIG-IP GTM https monitors
- bigip_gtm_monitor_tcp- Manages F5 BIG-IP GTM tcp monitors
- bigip_gtm_monitor_tcp_half_open- Manages F5 BIG-IP GTM tcp half-open monitors
- bigip_gtm_pool- Manages F5 BIG-IP GTM pools
- bigip_gtm_pool_member- Manage GTM pool member settings
- bigip_gtm_server- Manages F5 BIG-IP GTM servers
- bigip_gtm_virtual_server- Manages F5 BIG-IP GTM virtual servers
- bigip_gtm_wide_ip- Manages F5 BIG-IP GTM wide ip
- bigip_hostname- Manage the hostname of a BIG-IP
- bigip_iapp_service- Manages TCL iApp services on a BIG-IP
- bigip_iapp_template- Manages TCL iApp templates on a BIG-IP
- bigip_iapplx_package- Manages Javascript iApp packages on a BIG-IP
- bigip_irule- Manage iRules across different modules on a BIG-IP
- bigip_log_destination- Manages log destinations on a BIG-IP.
- bigip_log_publisher- Manages log publishers on a BIG-IP
- bigip_management_route- Manage system management routes on a BIG-IP
- bigip_monitor_external- Manages external LTM monitors on a BIG-IP
- bigip_monitor_http- Manages F5 BIG-IP LTM http monitors
- bigip_monitor_https- Manages F5 BIG-IP LTM https monitors
- bigip_monitor_snmp_dca- Manages BIG-IP SNMP data collecting agent (DCA) monitors
- bigip_monitor_tcp- Manages F5 BIG-IP LTM tcp monitors
- bigip_monitor_tcp_echo- Manages F5 BIG-IP LTM tcp echo monitors
- bigip_monitor_tcp_half_open- Manages F5 BIG-IP LTM tcp half-open monitors
- bigip_monitor_udp- Manages F5 BIG-IP LTM udp monitors
- bigip_node- Manages F5 BIG-IP LTM nodes
- bigip_partition- Manage BIG-IP partitions
- bigip_policy- Manage general policy configuration on a BIG-IP
- bigip_policy_rule- Manage LTM policy rules on a BIG-IP
- bigip_pool- Manages F5 BIG-IP LTM pools
- bigip_pool_member- Manages F5 BIG-IP LTM pool members
- bigip_profile_client_ssl- Manages client SSL profiles on a BIG-IP
- bigip_profile_dns- Manage DNS profiles on a BIG-IP
- bigip_profile_tcp- Manage TCP profiles on a BIG-IP
- bigip_profile_udp- Manage UDP profiles on a BIG-IP
- bigip_provision- Manage BIG-IP module provisioning
- bigip_qkview- Manage qkviews on the device
- bigip_remote_syslog- Manipulate remote syslog settings on a BIG-IP
- bigip_routedomain- Manage route domains on a BIG-IP
- bigip_security_address_list- Manage address lists on BIG-IP AFM
- bigip_security_port_list- Manage port lists on BIG-IP AFM
- bigip_selfip- Manage Self-IPs on a BIG-IP system
- bigip_service_policy- Manages service policies on a BIG-IP.
- bigip_smtp- Manages SMTP settings on the BIG-IP
- bigip_snat_pool- Manage SNAT pools on a BIG-IP
- bigip_snmp- Manipulate general SNMP settings on a BIG-IP
- bigip_snmp_community- Manages SNMP communities on a BIG-IP.
- bigip_snmp_trap- Manipulate SNMP trap information on a BIG-IP
- bigip_software_update- Manage the software update settings of a BIG-IP
- bigip_ssl_certificate- Import/Delete certificates from BIG-IP
- bigip_ssl_key- Import/Delete SSL keys from BIG-IP
- bigip_static_route- Manipulate static routes on a BIG-IP
- bigip_sys_db- Manage BIG-IP system database variables
- bigip_sys_global- Manage BIG-IP global settings
- bigip_timer_policy- Manage timer policies on a BIG-IP
- bigip_traffic_group- Manages traffic groups on BIG-IP
- bigip_trunk- Manage trunks on a BIG-IP
- bigip_ucs- Manage upload, installation and removal of UCS files
- bigip_ucs_fetch- Fetches a UCS file from remote nodes
- bigip_user- Manage user accounts and user attributes on a BIG-IP
- bigip_vcmp_guest- Manages vCMP guests on a BIG-IP
- bigip_virtual_address- Manage LTM virtual addresses on a BIG-IP
- bigip_virtual_server- Manage LTM virtual servers on a BIG-IP
- bigip_vlan- Manage VLANs on a BIG-IP system
- bigip_wait- Wait for a BIG-IP condition before continuing
- bigip_appsvcs_extension- Manage application service deployments
- bigip_cli_alias- Manage CLI aliases on a BIG-IP
- bigip_cli_script- Manage CLI scripts on a BIG-IP
- bigip_device_auth- Manage system authentication on a BIG-IP
- bigip_device_facts- Collect facts from F5 BIG-IP devices
- bigip_firewall_dos_profile- Manage AFM DoS profiles on a BIG-IP
- bigip_firewall_policy- Manage AFM security firewall policies on a BIG-IP
- bigip_firewall_rule- Manage AFM Firewall rules
- bigip_firewall_rule_list- Manage AFM security firewall policies on a BIG-IP
- bigip_monitor_dns- Manage DNS monitors on a BIG-IP
- bigip_profile_http- Manage HTTP profiles on a BIG-IP
- bigip_profile_http_compression- Manage HTTP compression profiles on a BIG-IP
- bigip_profile_oneconnect- Manage OneConnect profiles on a BIG-IP
- bigip_profile_persistence_src_addr- Manage source address persistence profiles
- bigip_remote_role- Manage remote roles on a BIG-IP
- bigip_software_image- Manage software images on a BIG-IP
- bigip_software_install- Install software images on a BIG-IP
- bigip_tunnel- Manage tunnels on a BIG-IP

F5 Big IQ
- bigiq_application_fasthttp- Manages BIG-IQ FastHTTP applications
- bigiq_application_fastl4_tcp- Manages BIG-IQ FastL4 TCP applications
- bigiq_application_fastl4_udp- Manages BIG-IQ FastL4 UDP applications
- bigiq_application_http- Manages BIG-IQ HTTP applications
- bigiq_application_https_offload- Manages BIG-IQ HTTPS offload applications
- bigiq_application_https_waf- Manages BIG-IQ HTTPS WAF applications
- bigiq_regkey_license- Manages licenses in a BIG-IQ registration key pool
- bigiq_regkey_license_assignment- Manage regkey license assignment on BIG-IPs from a BIG-IQ.
- bigiq_regkey_pool- Manages registration key pools on BIG-IQ
- bigiq_utility_license- Manage utility licenses on a BIG-IQ
- bigiq_utility_license_assignment- Manage utility license assignment on BIG-IPs from a BIG-IQ

- infini_export – Create, Delete or Modify NFS Exports on Infinibox
- infini_export_client – Create, Delete or Modify NFS Client(s) for existing exports on Infinibox
- infini_fs – Create, Delete or Modify filesystems on Infinibox
- infini_host – Create, Delete and Modify Hosts on Infinibox
- infini_pool – Create, Delete and Modify Pools on Infinibox
- infini_vol – Create, Delete or Modify volumes on Infinibox

Infoblox NIOS
- nios_a_record- Configure Infoblox NIOS A records
- nios_cname_record- Configure Infoblox NIOS CNAME records
- nios_mx_record- Configure Infoblox NIOS MX records
- nios_naptr_record- Configure Infoblox NIOS NAPTR records
- nios_ptr_record- Configure Infoblox NIOS PTR records
- nios_srv_record- Configure Infoblox NIOS SRV records
- nios_txt_record- Configure Infoblox NIOS txt records
- nios_dns_view- Configure Infoblox NIOS DNS views
- nios_host_record- Configure Infoblox NIOS host records
- nios_network- Configure Infoblox NIOS network object
- nios_network_view- Configure Infoblox NIOS network views
- nios_zone- Configure Infoblox NIOS DNS zones
- nios_next_network- Return the next available network range for a network-container

Microsoft Azure
- azure_rm_deployment - Create or destroy Azure Resource Manager template deployments
- azure_rm_dnsrecordset - Create, delete and update DNS record sets and records
- azure_rm_dnsrecordset_facts - Get DNS Record Set facts
- azure_rm_dnszone - Manage Azure DNS zones
- azure_rm_dnszone_facts - Get DNS zone facts
- azure_rm_networkinterface - Manage Azure network interfaces
- azure_rm_networkinterface_facts - Get network interface facts
- azure_rm_publicipaddress - Manage Azure Public IP Addresses
- azure_rm_publicipaddress_facts - Get public IP facts
- azure_rm_securitygroup - Manage Azure network security groups
- azure_rm_securitygroup_facts - Get security group facts
- azure_rm_storageaccount - Manage Azure storage accounts
- azure_rm_storageaccount_facts - Get storage account facts
- azure_rm_subnet - Manage Azure subnets.
- azure_rm_virtualmachine - Manage Azure virtual machines.
- azure_rm_virtualmachine_facts - Get virtual machine facts.
- azure_rm_virtualnetwork - Manage Azure virtual networks.
- azure_rm_virtualnetwork_facts - Get virtual network facts.

NetApp Element SW
- na_elementsw_access_group- NetApp Element Software Manage Access Groups
- na_elementsw_account- NetApp Element Software Manage Accounts
- na_elementsw_admin_users- NetApp Element Software Manage Admin Users
- na_elementsw_check_connections- NetApp Element Software Check connectivity to MVIP and SVIP.
- na_elementsw_cluster- NetApp Element Software Create Cluster
- na_elementsw_drive- NetApp Element Software ManageNetApp Element Software Node Drives
- na_elementsw_ldap- NetApp Element Software Manage ldap admin users
- na_elementsw_network_interfaces- NetApp Element Software Configure Node Network Interfaces
- na_elementsw_node- NetApp Element Software Node Operation
- na_elementsw_snapshot- NetApp Element Software Manage Snapshots
- na_elementsw_snapshot_restore- NetApp Element Software Restore Snapshot
- na_elementsw_volume_clone- NetApp Element Software Create Volume Clone
- na_elementsw_backup- NetApp Element Software Create Backups
- na_elementsw_cluster_pair- NetApp Element Software Manage Cluster Pair
- na_elementsw_snapshot_schedule- NetApp Element Software Snapshot Schedules
- na_elementsw_vlan- NetApp Element Software Manage VLAN
- na_elementsw_volume- NetApp Element Software Manage Volumes
- na_elementsw_volume_pair- NetApp Element Software Volume Pair

- na_ontap_aggregate- Manage NetApp ONTAP aggregates.
- na_ontap_broadcast_domain- Manage NetApp ONTAP broadcast domains.
- na_ontap_broadcast_domain_ports- Manage NetApp Ontap broadcast domain ports
- na_ontap_cifs- Manage NetApp cifs-share
- na_ontap_cifs_acl- Manage NetApp cifs-share-access-control
- na_ontap_cifs_server- cifs server configuration
- na_ontap_cluster- Create/Join ONTAP cluster. Apply license to cluster
- na_ontap_cluster_ha- Manage HA status for cluster
- na_ontap_export_policy- Manage NetApp ONTAP export-policy
- na_ontap_export_policy_rule- Manage ONTAP Export rules
- na_ontap_igroup- ONTAP iSCSI igroup configuration
- na_ontap_interface- ONTAP LIF configuration
- na_ontap_iscsi- Manage NetApp Ontap iscsi service
- na_ontap_job_schedule- Manage NetApp Ontap Job Schedule
- na_ontap_license- Manage NetApp ONTAP protocol and feature licenses
- na_ontap_lun- Manage NetApp Ontap luns
- na_ontap_lun_map- Manage NetApp Ontap lun maps
- na_ontap_net_ifgrp- Create, modify, destroy the network interface group
- na_ontap_net_port- Manage NetApp Ontap network ports.
- na_ontap_net_routes- Manage NetApp Ontap network routes
- na_ontap_net_vlan- Manage NetApp Ontap network vlan
- na_ontap_nfs- Manage Ontap NFS status
- na_ontap_ntp- Create/Delete/modify_version ONTAP NTP server
- na_ontap_qtree- Manage qtrees
- na_ontap_service_processor_network- Manage NetApp Ontap service processor network
- na_ontap_snapshot- Manage NetApp Sanpshots
- na_ontap_snmp- Manage NetApp SNMP community
- na_ontap_svm- Manage NetApp Ontap svm
- na_ontap_ucadapter- ONTAP UC adapter configuration
- na_ontap_user- useradmin configuration and management
- na_ontap_user_role- useradmin configuration and management
- na_ontap_volume- Manage NetApp ONTAP volumes.
- na_ontap_volume_clone- Manage NetApp Ontap volume clones.
- na_ontap_autosupport- Manage NetApp Autosupport
- na_ontap_cluster_peer- NetApp ONTAP Manage Cluster peering
- na_ontap_command- NetApp ONTAP Run any cli command
- na_ontap_disks- NetApp ONTAP Assign disks to nodes
- na_ontap_firewall_policy- NetApp ONTAP Manage a firewall policy
- na_ontap_gather_facts- NetApp information gatherer
- na_ontap_motd- Setup motd on cDOT
- na_ontap_node- NetApp ONTAP Rename a node
- na_ontap_cg_snapshot- Create consistency group snapshot
- na_ontap_dns- NetApp ONTAP Create, delete, modify DNS servers.
- na_ontap_fcp- NetApp ONTAP Start, Stop and Enable FCP services.
- na_ontap_snapmirror- NetApp ONTAP Manage SnapMirror
- na_ontap_software_update- NetApp ONTAP Update software
- na_ontap_svm_options- NetApp ONTAP Modify Options
- na_ontap_vserver_peer- Manage NetApp Vserver peering

Pure Storage
- purefa_dns – Configure FlashArray DNS settings
- purefa_ds – Configure FlashArray Directory Service
- purefa_dsrole – Configure FlashArray Directory Service Roles
- purefa_facts – Collect facts from Pure Storage FlashArray
- purefa_hg – Manage hostgroups on Pure Storage FlashArrays
- purefa_host – Manage hosts on Pure Storage FlashArrays
- purefa_ntp – Configure Pure Storage FlashArray NTP settings
- purefa_offload – Create, modify and delete NFS or S3 offload targets
- purefa_pg – Manage protection groups on Pure Storage FlashArrays
- purefa_pgsnap – Manage protection group snapshots on Pure Storage FlashArrays
- purefa_ra – Enable or Disable Pure Storage FlashArray Remote Assist
- purefa_snap – Manage volume snapshots on Pure Storage FlashArrays
- purefa_user – Create, modify or delete FlashArray local user account
- purefa_volume – Manage volumes on Pure Storage FlashArrays
- purefb_bucket – Manage Object Store Buckets on a Pure Storage FlashBlade
- purefb_ds – Configure FlashBlade Directory Service
- purefb_dsrole – Configure FlashBlade Management Directory Service Roles
- purefb_facts – Collect facts from Pure Storage FlashBlade
- purefb_fs – Manage filesystemon Pure Storage FlashBlade
- purefb_network – Manage network interfaces in a Pure Storage FlashBlade
- purefb_s3acc – Create or delete FlashBlade Object Store accounts
- purefb_s3user – Create or delete FlashBlade Object Store account users
- purefb_snap – Manage filesystem snapshots on Pure Storage FlashBlades
- purefb_subnet – Manage network subnets in a Pure Storage FlashBlade

Nokia SROS
- sros_command- Run commands on remote devices running Nokia SR OS
- sros_config- Manage Nokia SR OS device configuration
- sros_rollback- Configure Nokia SR OS rollback