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Kdump is a reliable kernel crash-dumping mechanism that captures crash dumps for troubleshooting issues like kernel crashes, hangs, and reboots. Setting up Kdump usually requires a series of steps and configurations. The Kdump Helper app is designed to simplify the process and reduce the effort required to set up Kdump on your machines.

Input a minimum amount of information and this app will generate an all-in-one script for you to set up Kdump to dump data in memory into a dump file called a vmcore. It has two modes: guided mode and manual mode . If you just want to input minimum information and use default or recommended parameters whenever possible, simply use the guided mode (the default mode), which then presents you a few steps with clear instructions to help you choose or input a proper parameter. If you have a very good understanding of Kdump and want to control as many options as possible, the manual mode will be your choice. It allows you to adjust all parameters.

Once you click the "Generate" button, the app will generate a script for you to set up Kdump based on the information you provided. Just run it on your server, and after it finishes, your Kdump service will be ready to capture crash dumps.

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