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Chapter 15. Identity: Integrating with Microsoft Active Directory Through Synchronization

Identity Management uses active synchronization to integrate user data stored in an Active Directory domain and the user data stored in the IdM domain. Critical user attributes, including passwords, are synchronized between the services.
The capability to sync Active Directory and IdM domains is inherent when an IdM server is first installed. The synchronization process is configured by creating agreements between the IdM server and the Active Directory domain controller.
This chapter describes how to configure synchronization, how to configure Active Directory for integration with IdM, and how to configure Windows systems within the Active Directory domain to be aware of the IdM domain.

15.1. Supported Windows Platforms

Entry synchronization is performed through a process similar to replication, which uses hooks to connect to and retrieve directory data from the Windows server.
Password synchronization is performed through a Windows service which is installed on the Windows server and then communicates to the Identity Management server.
Both entry and password synchronization are supported with these Windows servers:
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
The version of the password sync service which works with Windows is 1.1.5. This is available in the Red Hat Directory Server downloads part of Red Hat Network.