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Chapter 3. Installing an IdM Server

The IdM domain is defined and managed by an IdM server which is essentially a domain controller. There can be multiple domain controllers within a domain for load-balancing and failover tolerance. These additional servers are called replicas of the master IdM server.
Both IdM servers and replicas only run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. For both servers and replicas, the necessary packages must be installed and then the IdM server or replica itself is configured through setup scripts, which configure all of the requisite services.

3.1. Installing the IdM Server Packages

Installing only the IdM server requires a single package, ipa-server. If the IdM server will also manage a DNS server, then it requires two additional packages to set up the DNS.
All of these packages can be installed using the yum command:
[root@server ~]# yum install ipa-server bind bind-dyndb-ldap
Installing the ipa-server also installs a large number of dependencies, such as 389-ds-base for the LDAP service and krb5-server for the Kerberos service, along with IdM tools.
After the packages are installed, the server instance must be created using the ipa-server-install command. The options for configuring the new server instance are described in Section 3.2, “About ipa-server-install”.