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13.2. Setting the NIS Port for Identity Management

The IdM server binds to its NIS services over a random port that is selected when the server starts. It sends that port assignment to the portmapper so that NIS clients know what port to use to contact the IdM server.
Administrators may need to open a firewall for NIS clients or may have other services that need to know the port number in advance and need that port number to remain the same. In that case, an administrator can specify the port to use.


Any available port number below 1024 can be used for the NIS Plug-in setting.
The NIS configuration is in the NIS Plug-in in Identity Management's internal Directory Server instance. To specify the port:
  1. Enable the NIS listener and compatibility plug-ins:
    [root@ipaserver ~]# ipa-nis-manage enable
    [root@ipaserver ~]# ipa-compat-manage enable
  2. Edit the plug-in configuration and add the port number as an argument. For example, to set the port to 514:
    [root@ipaserver ~]# ldapmodify -x -D 'cn=directory manager' -w secret
    dn: cn=NIS Server,cn=plugins,cn=config 
    changetype: modify
    add: nsslapd-pluginarg0
    nsslapd-pluginarg0: 514
    modifying entry "cn=NIS Server,cn=plugins,cn=config"
  3. Restart the Directory Server to load the new plug-in configuration.
    [root@ipaserver ~]# service dirsrv restart