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17.4. Adding or Updating DNS Services After Installation

DNS can be configured as part of the IdM server installation, simply by using the --setup-dns option. If DNS is not configured then, it can be configured later using the ipa-dns-install command.
The ipa-dns-install command also updates the DNS services on the IdM server.
[root@server ~]# ipa-dns-install -p secret --ip-address= --no-forwarders
  • -p gives the password for the Directory Manager user in the 389 Directory Server. All of the DNS entries are stored in the LDAP directory, so this directory must be accessed to add the DNS configuration.
  • --ip-address gives the IP address for the master DNS server.
  • --no-forwarders means that there are no forwarders used with the DNS service, only root servers. Alternatively, use the --forwarder option to define a forward to use; to specify multiple forwarders, use the --forwarder option multiple times.
  • Reverse DNS is configured automatically. It is possible to disable reverse DNS by using the --no-reverse option.
    If an existing reverse DNS zone is already configured, using the --no-reverse option uses the existing reverse zone rather than creating a new reverse zone.
  • The IdM server, unless it is explicitly disabled, leaves a persistent search open with its Directory Server and capture any new zone changes immediately.