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1.2.6. Committing Changes

To share your changes with others and commit them to a Subversion repository, change to the directory with its working copy and run the following command:
svn commit [-m "commit message"]
Note that unless you specify the commit message on the command line, Subversion opens an external text editor for you to write it. For information on how to determine which editor to start, see Section 1.2.1, “Installing and Configuring Subversion”.

Example 1.12. Committing changes to a Subversion repository

Imagine that the directory with your working copy of a Subversion repository has the following contents:
project]$ ls
AUTHORS  ChangeLog  COPYING  doc  INSTALL  Makefile  README  src
In this working copy, ChangeLog is scheduled for addition to the Subversion repository, Makefile already is under revision control and contains local changes, and the TODO file, which is also under revision control, has been scheduled for removal and is no longer present in the working copy. Additionally, the LICENSE file has been renamed to COPYING. To commit these changes to the Subversion repository, type:
project]$ svn commit -m "Updated the makefile."
Adding         COPYING
Adding         ChangeLog
Deleting       LICENSE
Sending        Makefile
Deleting       TODO
Transmitting file data ..
Committed revision 2.