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2.2.9. Ruby

The ruby package provides the Ruby interpreter and adds support for the Ruby programming language. The ruby-devel package contains the libraries and header files required for developing Ruby extensions.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux also ships with numerous ruby-related packages. By convention, the names of these packages have a ruby or rubygem prefix or suffix. Such packages are either library extensions or Ruby bindings to an existing library.
Examples of ruby-related packages include:
  • ruby-flexmock
  • rubygem-flexmock
  • rubygems
  • ruby-irb
  • ruby-libguestfs
  • ruby-libs
  • ruby-qpid
  • ruby-rdoc
  • ruby-ri
  • ruby-saslwrapper
  • ruby-static
  • ruby-tcltk
For information about updates to the Ruby language in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, see the following resources:
  • file:///usr/share/doc/ruby-version/NEWS
  • file:///usr/share/doc/ruby-version/NEWS-version Ruby Documentation

For more information about Ruby, see man ruby. You can also install ruby-docs, which provides HTML manuals and references in the following location:
The main site for the development of Ruby is hosted on The site also contains Ruby documentation.