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1.2.3. Checking Out a Working Copy

To check out a working copy of a project in a Subversion repository, run the following command:
svn checkout svn_repository/remote_path [directory]
This creates a new directory called directory with a working copy of a project in it. Note that svn_repository is a URL of the Subversion repository and remote_path is the subdirectory in which the project is stored.

Example 1.6. Checking out a working copy

Imagine that you have a Subversion repository in the ~/svn/ directory (in this case, /home/john/svn/) and that this repository contains the latest version of a project in the project/trunk subdirectory. To check out a working copy of this project, type:
~]$ svn checkout svn:///home/john/svn/project/trunk project
A    project/AUTHORS
A    project/doc
A    project/doc/index.html
A    project/INSTALL
A    project/src