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2.2. Library and Runtime Details

2.2.1. The GNU C++ Standard Library

The libstdc++ package contains the GNU C++ Standard Library, which is an ongoing project to implement the ISO 14882 Standard C++ library.
Installing the libstdc++ package will provide just enough to satisfy link dependencies (that is, only shared library files). To make full use of all available libraries and header files for C++ development, you must install libstdc++-devel as well. The libstdc++-devel package also contains a GNU-specific implementation of the Standard Template Library (STL).
For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, 5, and 6, the C++ language and runtime implementation has remained stable, and thus no compatibility libraries are required for libstdc++. Additional information

To use the man pages for library components, install the libstdc++-docs package. This will provide man page information for nearly all resources provided by the library; for example, to view information about the vector container, use its fully-qualified component name: man std::vector.
The libstdc++-docs package also provides manuals and reference information in HTML form in the following directory: /usr/share/doc/libstdc++-docs-version/html/spine.html.