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January 2018 service release: A new year, a new look... and webhooks!

Will Nix published on 2018-01-10T00:11:44+00:00, last updated 2018-06-25T00:45:11+00:00

Happy New Year! One way to get this new year started off right is to get started preventing some of the problems and downtime you may have experienced over the holidays. Using Insights can help future proof your infrastructure with integrated Ansible automation and a report on which systems you still need to patch for vulnerabilities like Meltdown and Spectre. Click here to see if you have systems that are missing the latest patches for these critical vulnerabilities.

Latest release

We're pleased to announce the latest service release of Red Hat Insights.
Read below for more information or check out the new features and let us know your thoughts by using the "Provide Feedback" button from within the Insights UI in the top right.

For more information about the latest Insights release, refer to our Red Hat Insights Release Notes.

Newest features:

User Interface Layout

In an effort to ease workflow and visibility throughout the Insights application we are shifting to a full screen application mode. This both frees up valuable screen space to more efficiently bring you the latest information on critical threats to your infrastructure, and gives us some more room to continue to add features that you request. Remember, keep the feedback coming, there's a provide feedback button at the top of the user interface.

Webhooks for integration

Insights has now enabled our Webhook integration for custom alerts and notifications. Many of the Incident Management and response services that are used today allow for Webhook consumption which allows for Insights notifications in the tools and workflows you already use. For more information on getting Webhooks configured, please visit Understanding Red Hat Insights - Webhook Integration.


Our engineers, for internal demo purposes, integrated Insights Webhooks functionality with the Slack messaging service. This example allowed for our teams to be notified in chat immediately when new critical issues had been identified on our registered hosts with Insights. For those interested our example code for this integration is online at:
Please note, this is example code and is not officially supported by Red Hat.

CI/CD workflow examples

We previously added support for Jenkins and CI/CD workflow integration and now we have published some quick start example code. This code is available at https://github.com/RedHatInsights/insights-CI-examples/tree/master/examples/jenkins and we will have additional related materials coming soon right here on our blog.
Please note, this is example code and is not officially supported by Red Hat.


Newest rules widget

And to wrap up what's new in this service release, we've added a new widget to the UI with the latest rule additions to the Insights service. Since rules are constantly being added to Red Hat Insights on a regular basis you can now stay up to date with the latest additions on the Overview page. Additional filtering controls around when a rule was added have also been added to our rules page.

Thanks for your feedback and helping continue to improve the Insights service. Have a great new year!



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