Red Hat Insights: January 2017 archives

  • Introducing Topics, Redesigned Actions & Additional Features

    You may have noticed that the interface for Red Hat Insights underwent some changes recently. Our developers have been hard at work to provide a richer, more streamlined experience based on your feedback and recently released some new features. Here is a detailed list of recent Insights UI improvements. Introducing Topics - Topics are a new way to present groups of actionable intelligence providing Insights with additional categories such as SAP, Oracle, kdump and networking. Redesigned...
    Posted 2017-01-24T16:21:13+00:00 - 0
  • Put Your SAP Applications on a Firm Foundation

    Red Hat Insights is all about making sure your systems are running as smoothly as possible. Not just for Red Hat applications, but also for your other enterprise apps. We’ve begun developing rules tailored to large enterprise applications that could use the fine tuning expertise that Red Hat provides. We’ve nailed down the optimal settings required by SAP apps, and now Insights can let you know if those are in place on your systems. We’ve introduced SAP related rules for alerting you to system...
    Posted 2017-01-06T13:54:30+00:00 - 5

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