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Introducing Topics, Redesigned Actions & Additional Features

Rob Williams published on 2017-01-24T16:21:13+00:00, last updated 2018-09-17T01:39:09+00:00

You may have noticed that the interface for Red Hat Insights underwent some changes recently. Our developers have been hard at work to provide a richer, more streamlined experience based on your feedback and recently released some new features. Here is a detailed list of recent Insights UI improvements.

  • Introducing Topics - Topics are a new way to present groups of actionable intelligence providing Insights with additional categories such as SAP, Oracle, kdump and networking.
  • Redesigned Overview - Our overview page provides a glimpse into your infrastructure health, upcoming plans, system registration. In addition, customers now receive a curated feed from Red Hat product and security teams, late-breaking vulnerabilities, and other Red Hat Insights news.
  • Provide Direct Feedback - We truly value your input and many enhancements are directly related to customer feedback. The ability to quickly and easily provide feedback is now integrated within the interface giving customers a direct line for feedback regarding any Insights features, suggested improvements, or rules.
  • Additional Views On Inventory - It is now possible to select between card or table views for enhanced sorting & filtering of systems, deployments, and assets in the inventory.
  • Enhanced Actions Page - In an effort to continue providing quick access to the most critical information in your infrastructure we have enhanced our Actions interface. New charts provide more visibility infrastructure wide to identify risk based on severity levels.
  • Notifications Icon- Receive alerts about systems not checking in, suggested or upcoming plans, or other critical Insights information from the new notifications icon. Click to view, drill down, or dismiss alerts.

If you would like to see the latest features in development, take a look at Insights Beta.


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