Red Hat Insights: February 2018 archives

  • Insights 102

    Before we begin... Before we begin with how to configure Red Hat Insights to be tailored to your needs (in terms of controlling what is sent to Red Hat servers and how it is sent) let me please remind you of the very basics of Red Hat Insights… Can I control what Red Hat Insights is doing behind the curtains? Absolutely! Red Hat Insights collects metadata about the runtime configuration of a system. The data collected is 1% of what would be collected via sosreport during a support case. The...
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  • Insights 101

    The new girl in the hood! First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Amaya Gil and I’m a new Insights SME (so you will see a lot of me from now on), working as a Technical Marketing Manager in the Management BU at Red Hat. I’m a Computer Science Engineer from Madrid (Spain) and I’ve been a Redhatter since 2.010 evolving from different EMEA SA roles to the BU. I also happen to speak four languages and since English is one of them… here you go! What is Red Hat Insights? Haven't heard of...
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