Red Hat Decision Manager 7 Supported Configurations

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Red Hat Decision Manager 7 Supported Configurations

Every Red Hat Decision Manager® release is tested and supported on a variety of market-leading operating systems, Java™ Virtual Machines (JVMs), web browsers and database combinations. Red Hat provides both production and development support for supported and tested configurations to your subscription agreement in both physical and virtual environments.[1]

Red Hat Decision Manager 7.0 Supported Configurations

Supported Configurations include application containers and the JVM version families listed in the Supported Configurations table below with the corresponding Operating Systems on which those JVMs are supported. Red Hat will provide both production and development support for these supported configurations (according to your corresponding subscription agreement) in both physical and virtual environments as long as your support issue is within the context of applications running with Red Hat Decision Manager.

Java Virtual Machine Version
Open JDK 8
Oracle JDK [2] 8
IBM JDK [3] [4]

The following application servers are supported for Red Hat Decision Manager 7.0:

Application Containers Version
JBoss EAP 7.1.0.GA
JBoss Web Server [5][6] 3.1.1
IBM WebSphere Application Server [5]
Oracle WebLogic Server [5]

Red Hat Decision Manager 7.0 Tested Configurations

A full range of platform tests have been performed on the following tested configurations.

Operating System Chip Architecture Java Virtual Machine(s)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (latest update) x86_64 OpenJDK 8
Oracle JDK 8
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 x86_64 Oracle JDK 8

Red Hat Decision Manager 7.0 Tested Integrations

Tested Integrations are a defined set of specifically tested integrating technologies that represent the most common combinations that JBoss Enterprise Middleware customers are using. For these integrations, Red Hat has directly, or through certified partners, exercised our full range of platform tests as part of the product release process. Issues identified as part of this testing process are highlighted in the release notes for each Red Hat Decision Manager release.

The following integration tests have been performed:

Product Version
OpenShift Container Platform 3.7
Red Hat JBoss SSO 7.1.3
ElasticSearch Server [7] 5.6.1
JBoss Developer Studio 11

The following web browsers were tested as part of the Red Hat Decision Manager 7.0 release process:

Web Browser Version
Mozilla Firefox 52.ESR
Google Chrome 63.0.x
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

[1] Red Hat expects that customers will remain on a supported environment. In the event that a JVM, operating system, database, etc., or its version is no longer supported by its vendor, Red Hat may be limited in its ability to provide support and may require you to reproduce the issue in a supported environment for continued assistance.

[2] Red Hat limits support of OpenJDK to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

[3] Exclusively for engine and Decision Server

[4] The latests versions of IBM JDK have a LinkageError, for more details see

[5] Exclusively for Decision Server

[6] Exclusively with Tomcat 8

[7] Exclusively for clustered setup of Decision Server


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