Proactive Support

A technical advisor to help streamline deployments, resolve issues, and strategically plan for the future

Red Hat Technical Account Managers (TAMs) have deep technical knowledge and develop a personal relationship with you to drive performance and growth, and proactively ensure a stable and secure product experience. A TAM's unique combination of expertise and familiarity with your specific environment allows them to support your success.

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The Red Hat TAM Difference

Optimize operations

Identify and address potential problems before they arise.

Get expert support

A highly technical, specialized resource and advocate to guide you on support and escalation.

Proactively plan

Maximize your IT investment with strategic and operational planning.

Increase innovation

Expert advice for your environment and a direct line to Red Hat Engineering.

Our Technical Account Manager is our single point of contact who manages all of the back-end communications with Red Hat. If we have any issues, we can connect directly with our TAM. Because our TAM understands our environment, we receive a fast response and our issues are resolved as quickly as possible.



Hours of coverage

Technical Account Managers are a region-based offering in North America, Latin America, EMEA and APAC and are available to assist you during standard business hours.

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Scope of coverage

Your use of the TAM service may vary significantly depending on the nature of your business, geographical spread, or use of Red Hat technologies.

TAM scope and package options

Support escalations

If you have a support case that needs to be escalated, contact your TAM for assistance.

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