How to transfer subscriptions from one account to another account?

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  • How to transfer/move subscriptions/licenses from one account to another account?


Transfer TYPE I

To transfer subscriptions from one account to another account, if the accounts are not part of the same entity.

  1. Organization Administrators (Org Admins) or approved signers of each account can request an assignment transfer.

  2. An org admin will need to email their regional Customer Service team with the following details:

  • Name and contact information of the approved signer for each account
  • Physical Address for each company
  • Quantity and contract number of the subscription being transferred
  1. Customer Service team will then verify the accounts and subscriptions that needs to be transferred.

  2. After the accounts and subscription details are verified an Assignment Letter is sent to the Org Admins of both the accounts.

  3. The Org Admins will need to review and sign the Assignment Letter, then send it back to the Customer Service team. Please be sure to send it back only after BOTH parties have signed the Assignment Letter.

  4. After receiving the signed Assignment Letter, Customer Service will escalate the request to our Legal and Billing Team for approval and processing. The approval process can take anywhere between 7 to 10 business days. Customer Service will send a notification email once the transfer is processed.

Transfer TYPE II

To transfer subscriptions from one account to another account, if the accounts are part of the same entity.

For example: If the customer wish to transfer a subscription from account A to account B within the same legal entity (same company).

Contract details should include :

1. Contract number or Subscription number
2. Quantity being transferred
3. SKU Number
4. Product name
5. Start date
6. End date
  • Along with the contract details, the Organization Admin of account A should also share his/her approval to transfer the contract by filling the below transfer verbiage,

" I wish to change the ownership of these subscriptions from (Account Number / Log-in ID – XXXX ) , (the "Current Entity") to (Account Number / Log-in ID – XXXXX), (the "New Entity"). I represent that (a) I have the authority to make the ownership change requested on behalf of the New Entity; and (b) the information I have provided herein is true and correct. I understand that the requested transfer will bind New Entity to all terms and conditions of (x) the subscriptions being transferred into the account of New Entity"

  • Once Customer Service team receives the above email with the transfer verbiage from the Org Admin of account A, they will transfer the respective contract to account B.


  • Although subscriptions can be transferred, open or closed support cases, system profiles and login IDs cannot be transferred between accounts. You will need to re register your systems.
  • Subscriptions cannot be transferred from a corporate account to a personal account as the ownership of subscriptions cannot be transferred from a company to a person

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