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Chapter 29. Finding WSDL at Runtime


Hard coding the location of WSDL documents into an application is not scalable. In real deployment environments, you will want to allow the WSDL document's location be resolved at runtime. Apache CXF provides a number of tools to make this possible.

29.1. Mechanisms for Locating the WSDL Document

When developing consumers using the JAX-WS APIs you are must provide a hard coded path to the WSDL document that defines your service. While this is OK in a small environment, using hard coded paths does not work well in enterprise deployments.
To address this issue, Apache CXF provides three mechanisms for removing the requirement of using hard coded paths:
Injecting the proxy into your implementation code is generally the best option because it is the easiest to implement. It requires only a client endpoint and a configuration file for injecting and instantiating the service proxy.