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Appendix D. Using the Maven OSGi Tooling


Manually creating a bundle, or a collection of bundles, for a large project can be cumbersome. The Maven bundle plug-in makes the job easier by automating the process and providing a number of shortcuts for specifying the contents of the bundle manifest.

D.1. The Maven Bundle Plug-In

The Red Hat JBoss Fuse OSGi tooling uses the Maven bundle plug-in from Apache Felix. The bundle plug-in is based on the bnd tool from Peter Kriens. It automates the construction of OSGi bundle manifests by introspecting the contents of the classes being packaged in the bundle. Using the knowledge of the classes contained in the bundle, the plug-in can calculate the proper values to populate the Import-Packages and the Export-Package properties in the bundle manifest. The plug-in also has default values that are used for other required properties in the bundle manifest.
To use the bundle plug-in, do the following:
  1. Add the bundle plug-in to your project's POM file.
  2. Configure the plug-in to correctly populate your bundle's manifest.