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Chapter 55. Determining When the Interceptor is Invoked


Interceptors are organized into phases. The phase in which an interceptor runs determines what portions of the message data it can access. An interceptor can determine its location in relationship to the other interceptors in the same phase. The interceptor's phase and its location within the phase are set as part of the interceptor's constructor logic.

55.1. Specifying the Interceptor Location

When developing a custom interceptor, the first thing to consider is where in the message processing chain the interceptor belongs. The developer can control an interceptor's position in the message processing chain in one of two ways:
  • Specifying the interceptor's phase
  • Specifying constraints on the location of the interceptor within the phase
Typically, the code specifying an interceptor's location is placed in the interceptor's constructor. This makes it possible for the runtime to instantiate the interceptor and put in the proper place in the interceptor chain without any explicit action in the application level code.