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Chapter 42. Desktop

spice component, BZ#1030024
Video playback on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 guest with GNOME Shell is sometimes not detected as a video stream by spice-server. The video stream is therefore not compressed in such a case.
gobject-introspection component, BZ#1076414
The gobject-introspection library is not available in a 32-bit multilib package. Users who wish to compile 32-bit applications that rely on GObject introspection or libraries that use it, such as GTK+ or GLib, should use the mock package to set up a build environment for their applications.
kernel component, BZ#1183631
Due to a bug, the X.Org X server running on a Lenovo T440s laptop crashes if the laptop is removed from a docking station while an external monitor is attached. All applications running in the GUI are terminated, which leads to potential loss of unsaved data. To work around this problem, detach the laptop from the docking station while the laptop's lid is closed, or unplug all monitors from the docking station first.
firefox component, BZ#1162691
The icedtea-web Java plugin does not load in Firefox when running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for POWER, little endian, architecture. Consequently, Java Web Start (javaws) does not work in this environment. Firefox supports NPAPI plugins for Intel P6, AMD64 and Intel 64 systems, PowerPC platform (32bit), and ARM architectures. All other architectures are not supported by Firefox at the moment and there is no plan to extend it.