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Chapter 35. Deployment and Tools

systemd component, BZ#1178848
The systemd service cannot set cgroup properties on cgroup trees that are mounted as read-only. Consequently, the following error message can ocasionally appear in the logs:
Failed to reset devices.list on /machine.slice: Invalid argument
You can ignore this problem, as it should not have any significant effect on you system.
systemd component, BZ#978955
When attempting to start, stop, or restart a service or unit using the systemctl [start|stop|restart] NAME command, no message is displayed to inform the user whether the action has been successful.
subscription-manager component, BZ#1166333
The Assamese (as-IN), Punjabi (pa-IN), and Korean (ko-KR) translations of subscription-manager's user interface are incomplete. As a consequence, users of subscription-manager running in one these locales may see labels in English rather than the configured language.
systemtap component, BZ#1184374
Certain functions in the kernel are not probed as expected. To work around this issue, try to probe by a statement or by a related function.
systemtap component, BZ#1183038
Certain parameters or functions cannot be accessible within function probes. As a consequence, the $parameter accesses can be rejected. To work around this issue, activate the systemtap prologue-searching heuristics.