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12.2. Container Orchestration

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host 7.1.5 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 include the following updates:

  • kubernetes-1.0.3-0.1.gitb9a88a7.el7
    • The new kubernetes-client subpackage which provides the kubectl command has been added to the kubernetes component.
  • etcd-2.1.1-2.el7
    • etcd now provides improved performance when using the peer TLS protocol.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host 7.1.4 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 include the following updates:

  • kubernetes-1.0.0-0.8.gitb2dafda.el7
    • You can now set up a Kubernetes cluster using the Ansible automation platform.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host 7.1.3 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 include the following updates:

  • kubernetes-0.17.1-4.el7
    • kubernetes nodes no longer need to be explicitly created in the API server, they will automatically join and register themselves.
    • NFS, GlusterFS and Ceph block plugins have been added to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and NFS support has been added to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host.
  • etcd-2.0.11-2.el7
    • Fixed bugs with adding or removing cluster members, performance and resource usage improvements.
    • The GOMAXPROCS environment variable has been set to use the maximum number of available processors on a system, now etcd will use all processors concurrently.
    • The configuration file must be updated to include the -advertise-client-urls flag when setting the -listen-client-urls flag.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host 7.1.2 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 include the following updates:

  • kubernetes-0.15.0-0.3.git0ea87e4.el7
    • Enabled the v1beta3 API and sets it as the default API version.
    • Added multi-services.
    • The Kubelet now listens on a secure HTTPS port.
    • The API server now supports client certificate authentication.
    • Enabled log collection from the master pod.
    • New volume support: iSCSI volume plug-in, GlusterFS volume plug-in, Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume support.
    • Fixed the NFS volume plug-in * configure scheduler using JSON.
    • Improved messages on scheduler failure.
    • Improved messages on port conflicts.
    • Improved responsiveness of the master when creating new pods.
    • Added support for inter-process communication (IPC) namespaces.
    • The --etcd_config_file and --etcd_servers options have been removed from the kube-proxy utility; use the --master option instead.
  • etcd-2.0.9-2.el7
    • The configuration file format has changed significantly; using old configuration files will cause upgrades of etcd to fail.
    • The etcdctl command now supports importing hidden keys from the given snapshot.
    • Added support for IPv6.
    • The etcd proxy no longer fails to restart after initial configuration.
    • The -initial-cluster flag is no longer required when bootstrapping a single member cluster with the -name flag set.
    • etcd 2 now uses its own implementation of the Raft distributed consensus protocol; previous versions of etcd used the goraft implementation.
    • Added the etcdctl import command to import the migration snap generated in etcd 0.4.8 to the etcd cluster version 2.0.
    • The etcdctl utility now takes port 2379 as its default port.
  • The cadvisor package has been obsoleted by the kubernetes package. The functionality of cadvisor is now part of the kubelet sub-package.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 includes support for orchestration Linux Containers built using docker technology via kubernetes, flannel and etcd.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host 7.1.1 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 include the following updates:

  • etcd 0.4.6-0.13.el7 - a new command, etcdctl was added to make browsing and editing etcd easier for a system administrator.
  • flannel 0.2.0-7.el7 - a bug fix to support delaying startup until after network interfaces are up.