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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is here: new improvements to downloads, product page, and documentation

Kyle Benson published on 2014-06-09T20:33:19+00:00, last updated 2017-06-08T21:01:03+00:00

With the upcoming release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 on Tuesday June 10th, we've improved several things for our customers to provide the best experience yet.

Two new ways to download a product- A product page download section, and a revamped downloads area:
A refined getting started guide, using icons to help prep and set expectations for a basic deployment of RHEL 7
Curated content for user tasks to help customers accomplish their most important tasks
A redesigned look and feel to the docs, including removal of the html-single and epub format

A draft of the page can be seen here: https://access.redhat.com/site/products/red-hat-enterprise-linux-7. At launch, this page will replace the existing RHEL product page at this URL https://access.redhat.com/site/products/red-hat-enterprise-linux

New Downloads:
There are two new ways to download RHEL now:

  • The product page tab for Downloads

  • A new downloads page leading to a new application:

As of today, all versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux are available here.

New Get Started:
We've also introduced a new getting started guide for RHEL 7, with simplified requirements and steps.

Curated Content:
We've also tried to reorganize our content by some of the most common tasks our customers read about. By looking at documentation trends, we've organized our resources based on what our customers have shown us is high priority. From there, we worked to display and organize different types of content to help them quickly learn about all the benefits available in RHEL 7.

Documentation Changes:
We've also changed how we handle documentation in a few ways. In order to improve upon our documentation by adding comments, and future enhancements, we've removed the html-single and epub formats. We did this because we really want to take this opportunity to focus on the html version and do what we can do improve that experience in the future.

Additionally we've set PDF documentation to require a login. While this may be an adjustment for some users, we believe that we'll be able to offer a much better experience with future improvements focusing on html.

We're really excited about these changes, and would love to hear back about what we can do to make your experience even better.


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