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Recent Enhancements to the Customer Portal

James Bailey published on 2015-09-23T14:56:36+00:00, last updated 2016-04-06T15:21:57+00:00

Here in the Red Hat Customer Portal we're always striving for the best possible customer experience. We constantly examine feedback, identify pain points, and test to make sure we're delivering on the subscription value that sets Red Hat apart from its competitors. We make enhancements continuously, but in this post I wanted to round up a few recent changes that hopefully improve your experience as a user of the Red Hat Customer Portal.

Knowlegebase content redesign - If you’re a regular Customer Portal user, this is the one you’ve probably already noticed. Reading Articles, Solutions and Announcements is now a much improved experience when using a mobile device. On desktop, we’ve shifted some elements around to dedicate more of the available screen space to content. Actions for commenting on, rating and following content have been made more accessible. Have feedback on the redesign? Leave it here.

Knowledgebase search - We’ve added additional search-specific metrics to better understand the usefulness of content found through search. This data will help identify improvements in our content and will result in more of the right content being found by our customers. A significant portion of Customer Portal searches are for software downloads. Improvements in the findability of this content will allow our customers to find the right software, faster. Lastly, we continue to make incremental UI/ UX changes to convey more relevant information about the result. This will help our customers recognize the right result faster and more easily. 

Support case management - The recent redesign of the case management interface is focused on improving efficiency for customers when creating and managing cases, as well as internal efficiency when servicing them.

New Red Hat Access Labs - The team is constantly cranking out apps focused on simplifying common configuration, security, performance and troubleshooting tasks. Some useful recent additions to the Labs ecosystem are RHEL Upgrade Helper, Product Life Cycle Checker, and NTP Configuration.

Faster authentication - Improvements made to our user service means faster authentication times, giving you easier access to the content and services you rely on.

Faster content downloading - Users should see a marked improvement in the performance of Red Hat Network (RHN) with relation to downloading content as a result of optimizations made to the way Red Hat delivers this content.

More tailored Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM) errata notifications - Users with systems registered through the Red Hat Subscription management (RHSM) interface can now be subscribed to get notifications on a system-level basis. Users subscribed in this way will receive a notification only when a package on the user organization’s account is affected by errata. Previously, RHSM errata notifications were at the subscription level only. Manage these preferences here.

Product feature voting - New to the Customer Portal is the ability for customers to vote on possible upcoming product features. This gives you the opportunity to prioritize the features you'd most like to see added in upcoming releases and directly influence the direction of the product(s) you rely on. Currently, feature voting is open on Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform and will be coming soon to more products.


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