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The New Red Hat Product Security Center

James Bailey published on 2015-12-17T20:21:57+00:00, last updated 2015-12-17T20:21:57+00:00

The Customer Portal team here at Red Hat talks A LOT about content. We talk about creating it, serving it, indexing it and maintaining it. The list goes on. One aspect of content we’ve been focusing on a lot lately, and one I talked about in a previous post, is presentation. Even the best, most detailed and accurate content can still fail customers if it’s not presented well.

As a result of this insight, we’ve turned our collective eyes toward security content and its presentation in the Customer Portal. The result? The newly redesigned Red Hat Product Security Center. In order to introduce you to this new area of the Portal I’d like to walk you through some of the objectives of the changes and enhancements the team has made to this crucial portion of the site.

Organized content. In-context tools. On those occasions when a new vulnerability surfaces, content presentation key. Our customers need concise, well-organized content to know if they are affected and if so, remediate the risks. To this end we’ve created a custom Vulnerability content type for high-priority responses. Organized in action-oriented tabs, these pages are designed to provide the information customers need to judge impact, diagnose and resolve. Customers can even use Red Hat Access Labs designed to detect whether systems are vulnerable, right in the page.

Find the updates you need, when you need them most. Whether during an active vulnerability response or performing preventative maintenance, security related administration is especially vital for our customers. To provide the best customer experience during these crucial workflows, we wanted to cut out all the noise and provide a security-specific search experience providing only security updates, CVE and Red Hat Access Labs.

Keep ‘em coming back. On the new Product Security Center, we’ve made fresh, rich content a focus. To achieve this, we’ve tapped into our most important security content resource - Red Hat Product Security. Red Hat Product Security creates world-class content detailing the latest in security research and how it relates to your Red Hat products. This content is front and center in the Product Security Center. We believe featuring this high-quality, timely content will provide new incentive for customers to visit this area of the Portal more frequently, thereby staying up-to-date on the vital security news essential to keeping their data, and the data of their customers safe and secure.

We hope you find these new resources helpful, and as always we look forward to your feedback in the comments below.


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