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At the Summit? Visit the Customer Experience Booth!

Karl Abbott published on 2014-04-15T22:36:45+00:00, last updated 2014-04-15T22:36:45+00:00

At the Summit? Stop by the Customer Experience booth and do the following:

  • Talk to Red Hat Support Engineers about your technical issues, upcoming products, or anything else you can think of!
  • Enter our tech challenge for a chance to win a pair of Bose QC-15 noise canceling headphones. Interested in further details? Swing by the booth!

Not sure where our booth is? From the main entry point to the Moscone Center South on Howard Street, simply walk in and instead of getting on the escalators, look for the stairwells that are between the escalators. Our stairwell is right across from the Cool Stuff Store -- walk down the stairs and you won't be able to miss us!


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