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Welcome to the New Customer Portal Blogs!

Henry Hutton published on 2014-04-03T22:10:28+00:00, last updated 2014-04-07T18:30:07+00:00

With this latest site release for the Red Hat Customer Portal, we're adding a new blog feature that we're very excited about. These blogs give us the ability to provide a unique channel of information and interaction to you, our customers. You'll have the opportunity to stay up to date on our various products and services, and we encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions with our various Red Hat contributors.

The initial set of Customer Portal blogs covers areas such as security, performance, our new Access Labs area, and, of course, the Customer Portal itself. Over time, we'll introduce more blogs and contributors to widen the scope and reach of the information that you want to hear.

Here are some initial blog posts that you might find interesting:

Introducing Access Labs! by Andrew Hecox: With exciting new developments to enhance your success with our products, our Access Labs are a new way for Red Hat engineers to quickly deliver tools to help improve performance, troubleshoot issues, identify security problems, and assist with any other issue we see customers experiencing in their IT environments.

The Right Performance Tool for the Task by Will Cohen: Will writes about his
Performance Measurement Cookbook and his efforts to make it easier for people to measure and understand machine performance. Rather than being focused on the tools themselves, the cookbook tasks (or recipes) are focused on how to get the data that you need to better understand what is happening on your system.

New SELinux Feature: File Name Transitions by Dan Walsh: In this blog post, Dan highlights the new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 feature to make labeling files easier for users and administrators, resolving one of the biggest issues with SELinux where initial creation of content by users and administrators can sometimes get the wrong label. The goal is to prevent the accidental mislabeling of file objects. Dan will be talking about many of Red Hat's security-related topics in our new Red Hat Security blog.

Upcoming Improvements to Customer Portal Navigation by Kyle Benson: Changes are coming to the main Customer Portal navigation menu to improve your experience in accessing the information, software, and services that are important to you.

We encourage you to follow these blogs to keep informed about what's going on here at Red Hat, including our ongoing efforts to exceed your expectations with our products and services. Log in today and join the conversation, and please share your ideas regarding what you would like to see us discuss in these new blogs!


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