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Keep your Satellite in orbit with Insights

Jonathan Newton published on 2017-02-27T15:21:28+00:00, last updated 2018-09-17T01:37:22+00:00

For many customers, Satellite is a vital part of their infrastructure - distributing and managing package updates, organizing systems, and providing a robust virtualization infrastructure. The overall health of your Satellite system can impact much of your daily workflow within your environment. Issues with Satellite can lead you into digging through log files, googling for answers, or calling support to find the source of the problem. With Insights, you can save multiple hours of troubleshooting time by having the root cause and the solution at your fingertips.

We have bundled these rules into one Satellite topic so that you can easily determine if Insights has detected an issue and what steps you should take to remediate it. And as usual, we’ll keep adding rules to the topic as we discover new issues related to Satellite.

Here is a list of rules initially included in the Satellite topic:
- Failure to synchronize content to Satellite due to deadlock in postgresql when database needs cleaning
- Database deadlock on Satellite server when serving too many connections to postgresql
- Decreased performance when clients with duplicate OSAD IDs connect to the Satellite server
- Newly synced content will not be available to clients due to taskomatic service not running
- Satellite 5 subscription certificate has expired


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