Red Hat Managed Integration Retirement Notice

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When will/did this product retire?

Red Hat Managed Integration 2 has reached end of life effective March 2022. This article contains a link to compressed (.zip) files of PDF-formatted product documentation for both Red Hat Managed Integration versions 1 and 2.

What is the replacement solution? What's the cost?

Red Hat OpenShift API Management which is available as an add-on service for OpenShift Dedicated and OpenShift Service on AWS. Contact our sales team to learn more or to get started.

What’s the new product’s lifecycle?

Red Hat's Managed services differ from our traditional, on-premise, products in that they don't have a time-limited life cycle and, because they are hosted by Red Hat, have somewhat different support policies. For more information about the life cycle and support for our Red Hat managed and hosted offerings, see Managed Services Life Cycle and Support Policies.

Where can I learn more?

Red Hat OpenShift API Management