Red Hat Cloud Suite Retirement Notice

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When did this product retire?

Red Hat Cloud Suite has reached end of life effective January 1, 2022.

Why was the product retired?

Many customers are only using specific products within the Red Hat Cloud Suite bundle and so the purchasing process is now simplified and only focuses on the products that they are actually using.

What is the replacement solution? What’s the cost?

Customers can continue to buy the individual products that comprise Red Hat Cloud Suite rather than purchasing the bundle where pricing is dependent on their environment.

What’s the upgrade process?

The established product upgrade process remains the same for each respective item that was included in the Red Hat Cloud Suite SKU.

What’s the new product’s lifecycle?

The product life cycles can vary depending on the platforms that were in use.

Where can I learn more?

Will the product still work?

Yes, only the SKU for the bundle of products is being discontinued. Individual products are still available and will work.