What Releases of Red Hat Ansible Engine are Compatible with Red Hat Ansible Tower?

Updated -
Ansible Engine Ansible Tower 3.2 Ansible Tower 3.3 Ansible Tower 3.4 Ansible Tower 3.5 Ansible Tower 3.6
2.2 x
2.3 x x y y y
2.4 x x y y y
2.5 x (Use 3.2.3 or later)1 x y y y
2.6 x (Use 3.2.3 or later) x x x y
2.7 x x x x
2.8 x x2 x
2.9 x x

x: Fully supported
y: Only supported in a custom virtual environment for playbook execution. Not supported for Tower installation or other usage.

Note on prior releases: Ansible Tower 3.0 supported Ansible 1.9 through 2.3. Ansible Tower 3.1 supported Ansible 2.1 through 2.4.

  1. Note if you are using 2.5.0 or 2.5.1, instance groups will not be created due to a bug in those versions

  2. When running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, Ansible 2.8 is required.