RHSM 14.5.5 Release Notes

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Release notes for Red Hat Subscription Management

Current Release

Release 14.5.5

RHSM Web 14.5.5 is now generally available through Customer Portal and includes the following major enhancements:

  • Fixed bug issues regarding terms and conditions and localization.

Previous Releases

Release 14.5.4

RHSM Web 14.5.4 includes the additional following major enhancements:

  • Systems Attach Subscriptions: Users now have the ability to accept new terms and conditions before attaching subs to their systems.

Release 14.5.0

RHSM Web 14.5.0 includes the additional following major enhancement:

Release 14.3.0

RHSM Web 14.4.3 includes the additional following major enhancements:

  • Japanese localization
  • Update to the subscription inventory search/filter
  • Updates to contract subscription page
  • Simplified the filtering in contract systems page

Release 14.4.0

RHSM Web 14.4.0 includes the additional following major enhancements:

  • Unified Customer Portal Subscription Management Experience: With the coordinated removal of the Red Hat Network user interface, we now offer a single web experience for hosted Red Hat Subscription Management. All users who visit RHSM web now share the same experience that we have made available as an opt-in option for the past eight months.

To ease this transition, this release includes Identity Cert download functionality, better grouping of Products in the Product Utilization view, and better navigation from the Subscription Number Details screen.


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