Red Hat Satellite Certificate / Manifest FAQ

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This article addresses the frequently asked questions for Red Hat Satellite Certificates / Manifests - what is in a Satellite 5 Certificate / Satellite 6 Manifest, when / how to get one, how to activate it, and more.

Q: When/why do I need a new Satellite 5 Certificate or Satellite 6 Manifest?


  • For Satellite 5, you need to activate a new certificate (v5.6 or 5.7) or manifest (v5.8) if you are installing Satellite for the first time, upgrading an existing Satellite, replacing an expiring or expired certificate, or have made changes to your Satellite entitlements and need Satellite to reflect those changes.
  • For Satellite 6, you need to import a new manifest if you are installing Satellite for the first time, replacing a manifest with expiring or expired subscriptions, or have made changes to your subscription allocations and need Satellite to reflect those changes. You can watch a short video for creating a Satellite 6 Manifest here

Also see How and when does a Red Hat Satellite Certificate expire? and Can Satellite Certificates be generated before the start of new contract?.

Q: How to generate or request a Satellite Certificate or Manifest?

A: Single-Satellite, Multi-Satellite and Starter Pack Satellite customers can generate Satellite certificates and manifests using the Customer Portal self-service tool under Subscriptions tab → Subscription Allocation (under "Red Hat Subscription Management") → New Subscription Allocation, following these steps after logging into the Customer Portal as an Organizational Administrator.

Q: Why do I not see the Satellite Certificate Tool on the Red Hat Customer Portal?

A: The link to the tool will not be visible if your Organization does not have any active Red Hat Satellite subscriptions.

Q: Why is the Satellite 5 certificate expiration date earlier than my Satellite subscription end date?

A: Do you have any Evaluation subscriptions? The Satellite 5 Certificate expiration date is set to either the end date of the Satellite subscription, or that of the earliest-ending Evaluation subscription on the account, whichever comes first. This is so that Satellite 5 Certificates are not issued for longer than the duration of the Evaluation(s). If that does not explain the difference in expiration date on your Satellite 5 Certificate, please contact Red Hat support to report the issue.

Q: Does the Certificate version have to match my Satellite server version?

A: For Satellite 5, yes. If you are attempting to upgrade the Red Hat Satellite 5 server to a new major release - for example, from 5.6 to 5.8 - please ensure you have the newest Satellite 5 installer ISO and rhn-upgrade package, and read through all of the documentation included in rhn-upgrade (starting with /etc/sysconfig/rhn/satellite-upgrade/README) before proceeding.

Q: How do I activate the Satellite 5 Certificate or import the Satellite 6 Manifest?


Q: What's in a Satellite Certificate or Manifest?

A: Red Hat Satellite provides all services to customers through subscriptions and entitlements, which are purchased as needed and contractually agreed-upon beforehand.

Q: Where do I get more information?

A: More information can be found here:

You can also contact Red Hat support.


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