How do I get a new Red Hat Satellite Manifest?

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6


  • Need a new Satellite manifest after one or more of the following changes on the account:
    • Purchased or renewed a new Satellite subscription
    • Purchased a starter pack subscription
    • Add new or move existing entitlements
    • New channel or repos needs to be added for add-on product purchase
  • Want to register more RHEL systems for updates from Red Hat Satellite and have purchased new entitlements
  • Upgrading or installing Red Hat Satellite
  • Need a temporary Satellite cert for an existing entitled Satellite while building a new Satellite server?
  • The current certificate has expired, and the following warning message appears when logging into Satellite:
    Your satellite certificate has expired. Please contact Red Hat for a new certificate. Your satellite will become inactive in X day(s).


  • Use below steps to generate the Satellite manifest:
  1. Log in to the Red Hat Customer Portal using a login with Organizational Administrator role.
  2. Browse to Subscription Allocations page.
  3. If the Satellite subscription management application has not been created yet, select "Subscription Allocation" tab> "New Subscription Allocation" ; otherwise, skip to step 5.
  4. Enter a name for the Satellite and select Satellite version under type from the dropdown. Go To the Subscriptions Tab under the name --> proceed to "Create" to create this subscription management application.
  5. Select the Satellite name then --> Go to subscription tab under the Satellite profile --> select "Add subscription"
  6. Attach the subscriptions needed to be added to the Manifest.
    Select subscriptions by checking the boxes. On the right-hand side, enter the number for each subscription in "Quantity".
    Select "Submit" when done.
    Note: If there is only 1 Satellite subscription, you may select all subscriptions for client systems to be managed by this Satellite server. If there are more than one, you may distribute/split the number of subscriptions among multiple Satellite subscription management applications to generate multiple Manifests. No need to select the Red Hat Satellite subscription. This will be already attached to Satellite server using subscription-manager command.
    If There was an error attaching your selected subscription(s). Please try again later error occurs while attaching the subscriptions, refer to Cannot attach subscription to offline System on the Customer Portal.
  7. Once completed, Got to the Details tab -->proceed to "Export Manifest".
  8. If there are more than 1 Satellite subscription and another manifest is needed, repeat Step 3 to 7.

Satellite 6 Manifest Video: Creating a Satellite 6 Manifest

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Root Cause

You need to activate a new manifest on your Red Hat Satellite server if you

  • Are installing the satellite for the first time.
  • Are upgrading an existing satellite.
  • Are replacing an expiring or expired manifest.
  • Have made changes to your Satellite entitlements and need Satellite to reflect those changes.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Before creating a new Red Hat Satellite manifest, verify that there is an active satellite subscription on your account by viewing the Active Subscriptions tab in Red Hat Subscription Management

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It would be VERY handy if this process could be automated.

Extremely handy. I don't know why we need to reapply for a new certificate when the entitlements change.

Wish Redhat wouldn't confuse encryption terms. Its not a certificate (in the sence that its a public key with meta-data attached, such as a X.509 certificate), but rather its a signed licence file.

Can't generate a new cert for starter pack. Error "A version is not specified for this Satellite".

Most of the instructions in the documents often go round and round and pointing to other links.
Confusing. Not very helpful.

7 Once completed, Got to the Details tab -->proceed to "Export Satellite Certificate" or "Export Satellite Manifest".

no longer exists

Hi Adam,

On the detail tab it is called Export Manifest for Satellite 6.x, cannot tell you how it called for Satellite 5.y


Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Hi How does one assign unlimited in the quantity count please?

I see information about the manifest but nothing about how to renew a certificate that has expired although the title suggests that information should be here.