Convert2RHEL Support Policy

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This document describes how Red Hat provides support for the Convert2RHEL utility, which allows select non-Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems to be converted to fully supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux installations.


Supported conversions

The conversion types listed below are supported while the post-conversion Red Hat Enterprise Linux version is in the Full Support Phase or in the corresponding Maintenance Support Phase. To learn more about when these phases are in effect, please reference the Life Cycle Dates section of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Life Cycle policy:

Existing Installation Type Post-conversion Installation
CentOS 7 Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
CentOS 8 Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
Oracle Enterprise Linux 8 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8
  • All conversions are only supported from the latest minor release and version of the Existing Installation Type to the latest matching release and minor version of the Post-conversion Installation. Example: CentOS 7.9 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.9 conversions are only supported where both are fully up-to-date and the major and minor versions match.

  • All systems which are to be converted are required to have valid backups in place prior to attempting the conversion. These should be available and able to be reverted to if needed.

  • Conversions to RHEL 6 are not support nor covered by ELS. As described in the FAQ under Can CentOS Linux 6 or Oracle Linux 6 be converted to RHEL 6.

  • For any conversions beyond the above, please reach out to your Red Hat Account representative to discuss additional options.

  • For additional technical limitations regarding the conversion process, please refer to the Additional resources section below.

How Red Hat Supports Conversion Process

The conversion process adheres to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) of the post-conversion RHEL subscription that will be in use. To learn more about the SLA that applies to your conversion process, please refer to the Production Support Terms of Service on the Red Hat Customer Portal.

  • Though self-support subscriptions traditionally include assistance for system Registration and Installation, the conversion process using Convert2RHEL is expressly not included.

  • Conversions are recommended only in use-cases where Production is not currently impacted by any delays or difficulties encountered during the process. In the event that unknown factors result in troubleshooting requiring an indeterminate period of time and resumption of Production Services is delayed, the use of system backups is required prior to further troubleshooting efforts. As such, Severity level 3 and lower is presumed for any support engagement as defined in the Production Support Terms of Service.

How Red Hat Supports the Converted Systems

Successfully converted systems are fully supported systems in accordance with the Production Support Subscription applied to the system.

NOTE: Your Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription also entitles you to additional software delivered via Red Hat Software Collections for RHEL 7 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Application Streams for RHEL 8. Please visit the Product Life Cycle of Red Hat Software Collections for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Application Streams Life Cycle to learn what software is currently supported.

Additional resources

For additional usage information and known issues and limitation, please refer to the following sources: