Why is there no "24/7" option for Premium Severity 2 when opening a case via the Customer Portal?

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  • Red Hat Customer Portal


  • Premium support SLAs come with 24/7 attention for Severity 1 and Severity 2 cases. For Severity 1 cases there is a box to check for "24/7" and a field to put in the contact person. This appears to be missing for Severity 2 cases.


  • The availability of the 24x7 flag within the Red Hat Customer Portal for Severity 2 cases is a topic that has received a great deal of thought and discussion within Support Delivery senior management. In fact, it is in large part due to efforts to ensure a smooth support experience for all of our customers that this flag only exists for Severity 1 cases by default.

  • With Severity 1 cases (which indicates a complete outage and loss of business operations), we make the assumption that 24x7 is necessary and default these cases to receive round the clock support. We have very in-depth procedures in place to address handoff between regions which are keyed to the use of that 24x7 flag.

  • As indicated by our Production Support Level Agreement, the customer with a Premium subscription is absolutely entitled to 24x7 support for Severity 2 cases, upon request, should it be required. In the vast majority of instances, however, 24x7 is usually deemed unnecessary by the customer.

  • Without the flag available upfront, our engineers have the opportunity to assess the situation to ensure that customers who really need 24x7 support do not fall through the cracks due to a dramatic increase in cases where someone just checked the box because it was available, but are not actively engaging with Red Hat support during the off-hours.

  • If you deem it necessary that your case requires 24x7 coverage; please call Red Hat Support Services and ask the Red Hat GSS representative to enable the 24x7 flag for your Severity 2 case.

  • Our support processes are continually reviewed and adapted as needs change. To provide feedback, please contact Customer Service or your Red Hat representative.

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i have redhat enterprice server 6.5 need to install plugin for hp Printer pro P1566 in we are facing some problem win installation Like (local file conflict between packages)

Hello Sharique,

I apologize that you have been waiting for a response. That should not happen. Please provide the case number and I will inform the Support Delivery Manager for that team.


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