How to activate subscriptions purchased from a third party?

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  • Subscriptions purchased from a third party (not directly from Red Hat)
  • Subscriptions provided by Dell with a Dell Service Tag


  • How to activate a subscription purchased from a third party?
  • How to activate a Dell Service Tag?
  • The renewal subscription purchased from Dell or another third party is not reflected in Red Hat Subscription Management.


Only subscriptions that were not purchased directly from Red Hat need to be activated before you can use them. Activation is not necessary for Subscriptions purchased directly from Red Hat. These subscriptions are activated automatically based on the start date determined when you purchased the subscription.

Users with a 16-character subscription activation number

To activate, use the Subscription Activation tool

The subscription activation number is a 16 character code, example: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (dashes optional)

Users with a Dell Service Tag

For purchases made from Dell with a Dell Service Tag, activate using the Dell Service Tag activation tool

Activation complete

Once the subscription is activated, it will appear as active in your subscription inventory in Red Hat Subscription Management.

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