How to open a proactive case for patching or upgrading production Openstack servers

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6, 7
  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform (OSP) 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14


  • Patching production Openstack servers with OS patches and Openstack patches
  • How should I open a case to notify Red Hat of patches or upgrades taking place so appropriate resources are ready.
  • How do I open a proactive case for system upgrades



  • In order to ensure proper planning on our side, please submit the proactive ticket at least 14 days before the planned event. Submit weekend proactive cases by the prior Tuesday COB.
  • The account must have active Premium subscription and entitlements for the requested product.
  • To enable the most appropriate engineer from different teams, no matter where they may be worldwide, Support Cases are English only conducted.
  • If your organization has an existing TAM (Technical Account Manager) or a CSM (Customer Success Manager ), please engage them when planning after-hours work.
  • The Reference Guide for Engaging with Red Hat Support article provides best practices to engage Red Hat Support.

Opening a Proactive Support Case

Proactive means knowing about the bullet points in advance about any big schedule outage to react quickly in case of assistance. When opening a proactive case, please, provide the following:

  • Date / Time of Event: planned start and end date/time of the maintenance window duration with timezone.
  • Description: provide all relevant details for the upcoming event, that will help communicate what change(s) are taking place. Examples:
    • Type of software patches or upgrades.
    • Affected systems/applications.
    • Other components being upgraded.
  • Attachments: capture sosreport of the system(s) before the work is performed. If there are only a few sosreports, please attach them to the case, otherwise, please also keep them locally.
  • Contact Information: a primary and secondary contact name, email addresses and phone number with country and region code. This is especially important if the person who opened the case is not the person doing the maintenance activity.

Note: still a notification/call back to the Red Hat Technical Support - contact numbers and availability
is recommended for urgencies. Callbacks, conference calls, and any screen remote assistance still are subject to support engineer availability.

Refer to Production Support Terms of service to details about the response time.

For on-site update/upgrade assistance check the Red Hat Consulting Professional Services office contact details.

Root Cause

Even if Red Hat has teams providing support on the Follow-The-Sun (FTS) model, it requires some time to get to know environment and action plan which takes time to check to get into context when there's an issue. Having that information in advance, empowers Red Hat associate to be more familiar or able to check details on the actual operations.

Ensure that proper maintenance is performed on a regular basis before the upgrade (token, cinder, nova and heat database cleanup jobs).

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