How To Create and Manage Users to access Red Hat Customer Portal?

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  • Red Hat Customer Portal


  • How to add a new user to my organization to access Red Hat Customer Portal, including Red Hat Network (RHN) Classic Hosted and Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM)?
  • I cannot access the EAP download. I get permission required error once I sign on to the portal.
  • How do I add or modify user logins for Red Hat Customer Portal?
  • Needs to add technical contacts so they can open support cases
  • Additional login to the Red Hat Customer Portal
  • How do I create/modify users within the customer support portal?
  • How do I control user access to the Customer Portal?
  • How do I access the User Management application?
  • How do I create new user accounts?
  • How do I deactivate user accounts?
  • How to add a User to the Customer Portal in order for that user to open a Support Case
  • Create a new user in order to raise a support case.
  • Is there any way to restrict a user from downloading anything from Red Hat Customer Portal?
  • How to remove user logins from Red Hat Customer Portal?


For security purposes, the organization administrator for Customer Portal account is the only individual who can create and manage (Edit User, Change Access Permissions, Deactivate/Reactivate, etc) users for an existing organization.

If the current user is the organization administrator, log into Red Hat Customer Portal and refers to the steps described at How To Create and Manage Users page.

For further questions, please contact the Red Hat Customer Service.

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This can be found at:

If you have further questions, please contact Red Hat Customer Service at 888-REDHAT-1, opt. 5


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Outdated by the portal redesign

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When clicking the "User Management" link from step 2, the page is rendered with a 403 access denied error. I try authenticating with the "Log In" link in the top right of that page and am redirected hack to your home page.

How do I associate an existing Red Hat user account with the corporate account I manage?