How to install a group of packages with yum on Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

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  • How to install a group of packages with yum on Red Hat Enterprise Linux


You can use the option yum grouplist command to list available package groups. The option groupinstall is used to install a group of packages. However, the yum grouplist command can't list all the groups that are provided when installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux from the installation CDs. There is a hidden option can resolve this problem. For example, the Chinese Support group is hidden. Please note that there may be some differences of the group name between major versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

For example, to see all groups, including hidden groups, run the following command:

# yum grouplist hidden

This will show a list of all available package groups, including Chinese Support.

To install the packages under a specific group you can execute the command:

# yum groupinstall "<group name>"


# yum groupinstall "KDE"

(Please note that the group name has to be in quotation marks.)

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