Using an installation number with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5


  • What is an installation number, sometimes called a registration number, and how do I use it?


Note: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is the only version of RHEL that requires an installation number.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 installation number, sometimes called a registration number, is a 16-character text string that is used during the installation process.

Why should I use the installation number?

Entering a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 installation number allows you to access the full set of supported packages included with the subscription at install time.

What happens if I click “Skip” and don’t enter the installation number?

If the installation number is not entered during installation, the installer proceeds to install the core operating system. However, the installer does not install additional packages that may have been purchased with your subscription. Any packages not installed during system installation can be manually installed after the system is registered to RHSM.

How do I add an installation number after installation if I skipped it during installation?

If you skip entering the installation number during installation, you do not have to enter it later. Manually register your system using the command:

subscription-manager register --username <username> --password <password>

The installation number is unnecessary when registering to RHSM as long as the subscription has been activated.

When am I required to use an installation number?

The installation number is optional during installation if your subscription is already active. The installer allows you to enter the installation number for both the attended and unattended (e.g., Kickstart) installations.

What if I have a 30-day evaluation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

If you received a 30-day evaluation copy from our website, there is no need to enter an installation number because your subscription is already activated. Click "Skip" when prompted for the number during installation.

Are all installation numbers unique?

Installation numbers are unique per order, not per system. The installation number represents the Red Hat Enterprise Linux features included with a subscription. It is primarily used to configure the installer. Multiple systems that have identical subscription features and SLAs can be installed with the same installation number.

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