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Why system is facing "Error Class Code: 91" while registering or while updating ?

Updated 2015-02-12T03:07:05+00:00


  • While registering system using rhnreg_ks command, it fails with "Error Class Code: 91" error :
An error has occurred: 
Error Message: 
Registration failed: RHN Software Management service entitlements exhausted
Error Class Code: 91 
Error Class Info: 
Registration token unable to entitle system: maximum membership exceeded 
  • Even if there are active Management entitlements in the account system registration fails with "Error Class Code: 91 ".


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Red Hat Network Satellite
  • Red Hat Network Classic (RHN)


  • If there are no active free Management Entitlements then need to purchase additional Management if one wish to continue using activation keys.

  • If this issue is seen while we are not trying to use an activation key to register system, it might be possible that there is an activation key in RHN account which is set as a "Universal Default". In this case, RHN would try to apply the default key to any system registering to RHN Classic, leading to the error. Removing the Universal Default setting of the activation key would allow you to register systems without using a key and without purchasing more Management entitlements. To do this, follow these steps:

  • RHN Classic:

    1. Login to Red Hat Customer Portal
    2. Click on the Subscriptions at the upper left
    3. Go to Registered Systems under Manage section
    4. Go to Activation Keys under Management section
    5. Browse the list of keys, looking for any key that has the Universal Default column marked Yes
    6. Click on the key, change the Universal Default setting to No and click Update Key
    7. Try to register the system again.
  • Red Hat Satellite:

    1. Login to your Satellite webUI
    2. Click on Systems tab
    3. Click on Activation Keys
    4. Check for any Activation Keys in the list that have a '*' next to them, which indicates they are set as a Universal Default
    5. Click on the Universal Default Activation Key, and un-check the box next to Universal Default:, and save.
    6. Try to re-register the Client again.
  • For additional issues concerning Error Class Code: 91 see Error Class Code: 91.

Root Cause

  • Error Class Code: 91 is most commonly received while trying to use activation keys to register a system to RHN Classic, but you have exhausted all available Management entitlements.

  • Management entitlement is must for any system using an activation key for registration, the registration attempt will fail if there are no available Management entitlements.

  • If there is any activation key created on RHN and it set as Universal Default which has extra entitlements assigned like Virtualization or Monitoring.

  • If any subscription expired from account and if there is any Universal Default activation key which is using channels or entitlements provided by that subscription. Refer RHN Classic Registration fails with Error Class Code 91 and unexpected entitlement requirements for more details.