Red Hat Enterprise Linux cheat sheets for system administrators

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) comes with a variety of different tools to manage and configure operating system services and included applications - but the scope of tools and services can be overwhelming. In real life, most administrators are going to use the same types of commands to perform routine tasks, so you don’t need to know all the thousands of potential commands and services. When you master the basics, you can manage your infrastructure for most required tasks.

These cheat sheets work to simplify and clarify managing RHEL systems by showing common commands for common scenarios. These are references (not manuals or how-tos), but they can be handy tools when you need to try a new command or remember how to do something. And if you want other tools for using RHEL, check out RHEL Discover More Page.

Topic Description RHEL Versions
RHEL interactive lab cheatsheets A references of the step-by-step commands in different RHEL interactive demos, including podman, buildah, stratis, VDO, and bcc. RHEL 8
ip commands Using the ip command to manage networking confoiguration such as addresses and routing. RHEL 7
RHEL 8 commands Basic administrative commands, including yum RHEL 8
Basic Linux commands A range of basic to advanced commands; screenshots of command output; tips from cat to tar -xf somefile.tar.gz. All
Advanced Linux commands Get started developing a web application on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7; set up a SELinux boolean; run a program in the background in your shell; use Java instead of PHP RHEL 7
systemd A quick reference to the systemd systemctl and journalctl commands, options, and tasks for managing boot process, system services, and runlevels. RHEL 7 and 8
podman All commands related to images, containers, and container resources. RHEL 7.6+ and RHEL 8
.NET Core 2.0 on Linux The basics on installing .NET Core 2.0 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux; getting to Hello World; how to get a simple program running; running your .NET code in a Linux container RHEL 7



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