systemd Cheat Sheet for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

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The addition of systemd to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 marks a major change in how the boot process, system services, and runlevels are managed. Download the attached cheat sheet and use it as a quick reference to the systemd systemctl and journalctl commands, options, and tasks.

RHEL 7 systemd cheatsheet
RHEL 7 systemd cheatsheet




Good stuff. Wish I found this before making my own cheat sheet after pouring over man pages and the System Admin manual. Thanks, Red Hat.

This is over 3 years old.

Is it accurate and current ?

Seems this could use some small additions but otherwise it is helpful. Perhaps the following:

systemctl daemon-reload | Rerun all generators, reload all unit files and recreate dependency tree (needed if unit files are modified)
systemctl --failed | List failed units
systemctl reset-failed [service]| reset "failed" state of units
systemctl edit [--full] service |create a drop-in snippet or entire file

I think RHEL 7 lacks the systemctl revert command though but I still find edit useful even if I have to manually remove the drop-ins.

I made the suggested changes.


Great stuff.

Useful tips by official. Wish keeping going to spread out tips or technology for redhat product