LVM on RAID Calculator

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This app is designed to help you determine optimal parameters for creating Logical Volume Manager (LVM) on RAID. When you input information about your current or planned storage, we'll generate commands to create the LVM.

To use this app, pick a proper option or fill in a value for the LVM you are going to create, and then click the Calculate button. Steps including customized commands will be shown on the right part of the page. Simply copy and execute them one after one as the root user to create your LVM.

If you're not sure about a field, hover your mouse pointer over the question mark (?) beside it to see a brief explanation, or you can scroll down to the bottom of the screen to read a summary of all options.

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Nice, but I suspect it'd be better if you put dataalignment at the physical volume level to help account for the possibility of multiple RAID arrays with different geometries.

LVM has its own RAID capabilities, so it would be handy to offer a possibility of calculating those variants as well.

Hi Michal,
As indicated in the description, this app is designed to help determine optimal parameters for creating LVM on RAID. We'd prefer not incorporating LVM RAID in this app, as it's not very likely for most customers to set up two layers of RAID at the same time. if you have such a requirement, you need to adjust the parameters manually.