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LVM RAID Calculator

Dong Zhao published on 2014-06-12T06:11:58+00:00, last updated 2014-06-13T02:32:20+00:00

We're proud to introduce a new Red Hat Access Labs app: LVM RAID Calculator.

To create Logical Volume Manager (LVM) on RAID, you usually need to execute several commands and carefully provide parameters for each. A subtle error in a command parameter might cause the execution to fail or affect the performance of your LVM.

This app is designed to walk you though creating LVM on RAID by dividing the creation procedure into a few steps and generating all necessary commands with appropriate parameters specified for each step. You can just follow the steps to create your LVM, and as an added benefit, we also provide commands to verify the LVM creation.

Below is a screenshot of the app, but try it for yourself and have fun. And don't forget to let us know what you think! You can leave comments on the app info page.


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