Red Hat Customer Portal Labs Blog: April 2014 archives

  • KDump Helper

    We're proud to introduce a new Red Hat Access Labs app: KDump Helper. KDump is a reliable kernel crash-dumping mechanism that captures crash dumps for troubleshooting issues like kernel crashes, hangs, and reboots. Setting up KDump usually requires a series of steps and configurations. We developed the KDump Helper app to simplify the process and reduce the effort required to set KDump up on your machines. Input a minimum amount of information and this app will generate an all-in-one script for...
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  • Java Embedded Vulnerability Detector

    Introducing a New Access Labs App: Java Embedded Vulnerability Detector Upload your JAR (or class) files and this app will tell you if any of your files match one of the many publicly distributed files that the Red Hat Security team has identified as containing a known security flaw, or CVE.. A CVE is an item in a list of known vulnerabilities in all software. It provides a common way for people from different organizations to identify a particular known vulnerability. Often when building your...
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